Ok I have this problem. For about 5 or so years I have been looking for and trying to remember this gundam series i saw when I was little. I only remember small parts from the anime. Such as:

1. In the opening scene a kid (one of the two main characters) runs across the roof of his school to see a mobile suit pass by the school.

2. The kid goes into the forest next to his town and finds a crashed mobile suit with the pilot inside.

3. The kid and the pilot become friends throughout the anime. And on Christmas the pilot goes out to fight some chick in another mobile suit after his is repaired (it crashed in the forest), but what he doesnt realize is that the war is already over and is killed by the chick. The kid screams out to him that the war is over, but he is too late.

4. At the end two guys inspect the pilot's mech and one asks "what about the other pilot?" and the other guy says something like "he's toast" or something like that.....its been awhile.

I really want to watch it again, but i dont know if it is a series or a movie....like i said, its been a while.