there really isn't a thread for this already?

i bought GW2 because i heard a lot of great things about it, and it doesn't charge you monthly to play, which is a BIG plus for me. i refuse to pay for a game i already bought, and will never pay subscriptions for any game (or beg my mom to pay it like a lot of WoW losers do)

so far i'm really into it. there are standard builds you'd expect to find in any MMO, such as Ranger, Thief, Warrior and Necro. the races, however, are unique to GW2, which i found refreshing. of course you can make a human, but also a Charr (kinda like a giant half-bull-half-man), a Norn (looks human but average height is 9 feet tall) and a couple others. i was getting so sick of seeing elves and orcs in RPG's these days.

gameplay is typical MMO style, you target an enemy and select a skill. you also get a switch weapon, which is useful for toggling between ranged and melee combat.

the way the story is told is very engrossing, each story element is explained in cutscenes of dialogue, and the voice acting is top-notch.

besides your standard quests that can be found throughout the world, there are also repeatable events such as defending outposts, attacking camps and defeating bosses, and these can be participated in by anybody. there are also group events that require 5-10 players to accomplish, and each server is so populated that the players will show up without you needing to form a party or search for people to help you.

the dungeons are super rewarding, i'm a level 44 on my Charr Warrior and it only takes me 2-3 runs on the first dungeon to level up. finding a party is also super easy here, just advertise your party and in 1-3 minutes it will be full.

the community is FANTASTIC. i've spent hours sitting idle and just bullsh*tting with people in map chat. all very friendly, good humored and willing to help newer players.

i joined a guild my first day playing, and i did not regret it. they helped me immensely in getting acclimated to the game, giving me pointers and helping me do quests. max level players fully geared out taking hours to help a level 1 noob is just great. plus just having a tight-knit group of people to chat with while playing is nice.

there's also a crafting trade for every kind of gear in the game (weapons, armor, jewelry etc), and it's extremely rewarding to partake in this for the experience and the ability to craft legendary and ascended gear that is very hard to obtain otherwise. getting maxed in a particular trade is expensive, but worth it.

i've played WoW and all kinds of free-to-play MMO's, and GW2 stands head and shoulders above any other MMO out there. there's so much content, so many areas to explore, so many things to do, i just get lost in it.