Hello all,

just registered today and made a few posts before I caught the intro section. I never saw myself becoming an anime fan. In the past, it seemed a little dorky to me. But one day, my friend had me try Death Note, and I found the cerebral story hugely enjoyable. Last year, I checked out my roommate's Cowboy Bebop set and that was excellent, too. Then recently, I decided to look up Hellsing after watching a neat youtube video and I loved that so much, I promptly purchased the box set. So lo and behold, I like anime. Just finished Samurai Champloo and am currently adoring Code Geass. I feel that as cartoons, animes have a definite ability to tell interesting stories that live action shows couldn't really pull off.

Anyway, I thought it was about time I hit up the internet to find some like minds and here I am. Now make me feel welcome, please. The more feigned excitement to have me here, the better.