So, within a week? I watched all of Da Capo + Season 2 and Da Capo II + Season 2.

All and all, I thought the Anime was good. One of the main things I was against in Da Capo was how Jun'ichi ended up with Nemu. Personally, I would of liked it much better if he ended up with Kotori (I'm glad they made an OVA for her atleast )

Da Capo II was better than I thought it would be. I especially liked the ending of season 2. I'm glad that in the end, Yoshiyuki was remembered by everyone and came back Another thing I wish they did was focused more on the other characters too. It seems that other characters would get one or two episodes and then it would be off to the next one. Oh well..

So yea..this series wasn't that bad. Can anyone recommend me any more Anime like that?!