Itís January, itís cold, itís dark and the will to do stuff, is amazingly low.

Do you know the feeling?

Iíve just delivered my final paper in college, and have been spending the last 2-3 weeks, throughout the Xmas and New Year hell, doing absolutely nothing! It just seems more attractive to me, to hide myself in my dark little room, in my small yet comfortable bed and just close the world down for a while! Yes, perhaps it is borderline depression!

But in the midst of all this darkness, there still is a little bright outlet, and as corny as this may sound, it is anime. You can call it escape, you can call it geekiness (my gf does), an excuse or whatever, it works!

Spending approx. 8 hours a day watching anime, and being able to invite these simple and yet complex thoughts and stories in my mind, has been wonderful. I am grateful - arrigato!

Do you know the feeling?!