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Thread: Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

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    Default Mobile Suit Gundam 00: A Wakening of the Trailblazer

    And so I finally watched the movie...

    My thoughts?

    The movie was pretty meh... I was really expecting something here but I was really disappointed.


    Bad stuff

    *Story was stupid. It's very generic and there's no actual plot movement. The TV series was better, I mean the TV series explored the world’s solar energy monopolization, arms race, politics, terrorism, resolution for peace and all that jazz. The movie just spouts sugarcoated nonsense about reclaiming the future and human understanding and other bullcrap. It didn't even resolve any of the TV show's questions. Oh and the ELS were weak antagonists. Well they were the first aliens (Gundam SEED's stupid space whale doesn't count) to appear in a Gundam show, I guess I'll give them that.

    *The characters... Oh man... This is one of the movie's major problems. They didn't handled the characters well. Several new characters appeared but they add nothing to the story. Descartes Shaman was heavily promoted before the movie's release and many folks think he was the main villain but unfortunately, his role was short and very useless. At least the Gadaleza was one beast of a mobile armor. Meena Carmine was just there so Rie Kugimiya could have a role in the movie. Nothing more. The returning characters' appearances were pointless. I don't even know what their purpose is other than the fact they were there. No progress, no character development and no Feldt X Setsuna. Screw you, Sunrise.

    *The ending was very weak. Sure we get an epilogue far into the future but we don't know what happened to the characters other than Setsuna and Marina. And what the heck happened to Setsuna? He's all...metal-like. What happened to him? What did he and Tieria do in the ELS homeworld? So anyway, all that stuff happened and he visits an aged Marina just to tell her that she's right. That they understood each other? I just find that really weak. They could have done more with that scene. The only interesting part of the epilogue was the flashback. A younger Aeolia Schenberg talking to a man resembling Ribbons (voiced by Amuro himself).

    And now the good stuff

    *The animation was smex. The action scenes were well-choreographed, intense and just plain epic. Speaking of action scenes, the movie has a crapton of it. Insane, spectacular, fast-paced mecha battles that can make you orgasm. The final war between the Feddies and ELS near the end was mind-blowing. Mizushima really didn't skimp out on the budget here.

    *Graham Aker redeemed. After that Bushido craziness in S2, our awesome American Flag pilot is back in full force and he's more awesome than ever. The Solbrave squad is probably the best squadron of grunt suits I've seen in a Gundam show. They actually do some awesome evasive maneuvers and cover each other. Those guys should have been the stars of the film. Graham, you are one awesome Char clone. This is not death! It is a sacrifice for humanity to live on!

    *The Federation propaganda movie near the beginning. It was ****ing hilarious, parodying Gurren Lagann and probably the final battle of A Baoa Qu from 0079. Alejandro Corner's "cameo" was also freaking sweet. If that movie was the actual 00 movie then I probably would give it a ten out of ten.

    Well that's it. A Wakening of the Trailblazer might be a mediocre movie but it's entertaining enough. It's like a mindless summer flick. You won't get much depth out of it's poor story and one-dimensional characters but the spectacular action scenes are enough to keep you entertained, especially if you like giant robots blowing the crap out of each other in fast-paced space battles. If you're looking for the conclusion of the AD series, then I suggest you ignore this movie and pretend the S2 ending is the real ending. As for me, while I find it disappointing, this movie was enough to sate my Gundam needs while I wait for the third episode of Unicorn.
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