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    And no I'm not thinking of becoming a distributer in the conventional sense. You may have heard of fan-subbers. I'm going to be fan-editor. I don't normally like piracy, but there are cases when it must be done for the good of the people. I tend to edit animes to be appropriate for kids and Christians, and then plan to send out torrents of the edited versions. This way many Americans other than hardcore otakus will be able to watch many NEVER BEFORE CENSORED animes without the feeling of guilt that comes with watching an anime girl stripped naked (some of which NEVER were even sold in the US because censoring companies didn't consider it worth the time it would take to censor, yet didn't want to air it on TV especially on a kids show time segment without editing, and felt that the DVDs wouldn't do well if it hadn't first been on TV).
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    Then somewhere in the middle is the average anime fan (not the ultra otaku, or the casual animated TV show viewer who could watch either Gundam or X-Men, and quite frankly don't care where they came from). The average anime fan may be glad the nudity is removed, or at least will understand why it was, but will be angered by the unneeded edits like turning sushi into a chocolate chip cookie.
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    And of course the only pirates are the "otakus" who quite frankly have no moral qualms about nudity (or stealing), so they actually WANT to get it in original form (despite the presnse of nudity). All the normal non-pirating Americans will not care that the lack of nudity is different from the original, and will be glad actually that the nudity was removed, because not they can watch it without feeling dirty and guilty that they watched it (where as otherwise they'd have to go against their values in order to watch it, due to the nudity). Most Americans would have no problem with the other actually UNNEEDED edits, because they wouldn't have seen the original to compare it to to know that is was different.
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    This forces American distributers of anime to censor the anime to a level many will consider appropriate, BEFORE airing the anime on TV. While this takes the burden off the Japanese to make an less dirty anime to start with, it puts enough burden on American companies that they might just say "forget it, editing this anime will be too hard" and will not buy the distribution rights from the Japanese company. If the anime in question was planned from the start to eventually be sold in the US, then that refusal of American companies to buy it up will actually monetarily HURT the Japanese animation studio. So in the end it was actually DUMB business decision to put nudity in the anime.
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    While animes that are never released in the US depend entirely on Japanese purchases (and only very slightly on imports bought by hardcore anime fans), animes that are intended to be released in the US (though released in Japan first) will only do well financially if enough Americans buy them. So from a business point of view, taking magical girl animes that are planned for eventual US release, and putting in content that will make many Americans NOT watch them, seems to be very stupid business practice.
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    However there is a problem with that business decision when it comes to US release. Every anime studio should think ahead "how well will this work if it's released in the US?" But not enough think ahead like that. Here's some simple facts about the US they should consider.
    Many Americans consider themselves Christians.
    The Bible says sex should be saved for marriage, and criticizes lust.
    Many Christians will therefore say not only that sex acts outside of marriage is bad, but will also say that looking at women in a dirty way is bad. And than having unneeded pictures of naked women have the effect of creating sinful lust.
    Therefore a quite large portion of the American population will not watch certain animes (and about 95% of magical girl animes) in an uncensored form.
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    Here's my hunch on why it is done this way.

    Magical girl animes have a lot of girly stuff in them. This is stuff that girls would like but could potentially really cut down on the male audience. By having the girls get naked, guys who like to look at naked chicks will at least watch the show, even if only to see the cute chicks getting naked. That means a wider audience, thus more money for the anime studio. So ultimately it comes down to being a business decision to increase profits for the animation studio.
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    In magical girl anime it's like they are getting dressed in that their clothes need to come off before their superhero costumes can go on. Only difference is that magical powers undress and dress them, rather than doing it with their own hands. But since magic is used, they shouldn't even really need to get dressed in the conventional manner at all. Why not like the Power Rangers? I've seen the Power Rangers before and their transformations appear to be instantaneous. That is their normal clothes are instantly replaced with superhero costumes. Why can't magical girls do that kind of instant transformation? I mean it seems it would be MORE efficient in a battle situation where you need to be able to move and act very quickly.
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    Well mecha is pretty awesome. I also like supernatural anime like Strait Jacket. Magical girls (a subset of supernatural genre) is ok, when their transformations DON'T make them naked (like in Power Puff Girls Z, and the first type of transformation used by Jeane in Kamikaze Kaitou Jeane)
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    Well currently I'm just doing some general posting in threads and VMing... especially the latter since I've been very busy over the last month and haven't been able to socialise as much as I would have liked.

    At this moment I'm just lurking in one of my threads, where I made a couple of sigs. I decided to post them with drop shadows included as a means of raising my works off the page, so as to stand from the text more. But not all members seem to be keen on the drop shadow and many are confusing it for the works themselves. Therefore I decided to post up a "poll" in the thread and have the members decide for themselves as to whether I should or should not include or the drop shadow.

    One guy did give me reason though... but he just simply said that square sigs are not nice with drop shadows, which I didn't particularly find that helpful.
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