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    For me, it was me and my mom and dad.
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    Yep. I had turkey and stuff.
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    The wiki config is just messed up. I've been meaning to get it back up again, but haven't gotten around to it. I'll see about doing it later this week, maybe.
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    I have yet to post a copy of it. It is on a video DVD (complete with my own menus ) and I have yet to rip my DVD to an ISO file. Once I do that you'll be able to download the disk image and burn it to a DVD with your favorite burning software, and have an exact copy of it (or play the disk image without burning, right in a computer using DVD playing software like WinDVD in conjunction with a virtual drive software like the free version of Alcohol 52%).

    When I do upload it, it will probably be a torrent file and will be posted on
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    Yeah... I see where you're coming from... especially the gimmicky/showy part. It's not my intention to appeal to members through gimmicks, of course, but I can see why perhaps some members might see it that way. Plus, as far as I know, I'm the only person who's used the drop shadow as standard for displaying my work, albeit for presentation purposes. Anyways, at least you gave me a decent answer, so uhm thanks for your views on that! All views help here!
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    Again the key word is ONLINE. That means it is the PARENT'S responsibility to make sure their kids are not accessing inappropriate stuff online in the first place. If the kids have unhindered access to the net because their parents are being too neglectful in terms of knowing what their child is doing, then looking at the unedited version of the hentai I edited is the LEAST of their worries. There's dozens of porn sites online that even on the title page have explicit images of REAL people, and you don't even have to pay money to see these "sample" pictures. And you DEFINITELY don't need torrent software (you need torrent software to download the hentai anime in question). Also, some porn websites are COMPLETELY free (no paying to see "premium" pictures) user submission based sites similar to Photobucket, but unlike Photobucket are meant SPECIFICALLY for pornographic images.
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    Well that all depends on the kid. First of all the plot (which is mentioned and implied, even after my edits) has to do with rape as a penalty for losing the match. I just removed the specific scenes that were explicit. So I'd still rate it PG-13. So the "kid" shouldn't be watching it until he/she is at least 13 anyway. It's not like 4KidsTV where they literally try to edit it to be G rated or at worst a very mild PG rating. Mine would be PG-13 and I'm not trying to hide that. Secondly if someone younger than 13 sees it, it's not like it would be different than some other anime. For example, if a 6yo is watching the DiC edited version of Sailor Moon season 1, and later they go online and watch the unedited version of the final episode of season 5 of Sailor Moon they are gonna see TONS of nudity. The thing here is how they did it. The key word is ONLINE. If a person under 18 find the unedited copy of the hentai I edited, they will also be finding that ONLINE.
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    Yes this was dubbed in English (one of the few hentai animes I know that actually saw a US release). If it wasn't dubbed I wouldn't have been able to so accurately edit it. It is almost as important to know what characters are saying as it is to see what they are doing.
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    Also the not-dirty parts of the scene right after the match (like the badguys taking the STILL CLOTHED girl and dragging her off somewhere) I left in. I did though COMPLETELY delete all of the actual rape scenes. 2 other random sex scenes were not part of the plot, and were completely deleted. Also in dialog this one guy who at first I thought had this one girl as his girlfriend, turns out she was his sister. So due to the "more than sibling love" implied (romantic love) between siblings which seems to condone incest, I removed all scenes and verbal indications that implied his feelings were anything more than simple sibling love.
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    If the scenes are absolutely important to the plot, then it can't be edited, and I don't bother with it. However I actually cut a hentai (no not just some transformation nude scene, but OUTRIGHT HENTAI!) down to a PG-13 rating once. It was VG Neo. I liked the aspect of it being a martial arts competition with use of magic powers. So right from the start I realized if I could edit it it would be awesome. I decided to try to edit it. I managed to do just that. Because of the nature of the bad scenes being actually PART OF the plot, that the losing waitress (yes the competitors were all waitresses) had to be raped as a penalty for losing the match, I realize I'd have to leave SOME spoken or implied references that the bad scenes DID happen, but not show them. I managed to do this by leaving in spoken dialog where the rules of the match were clearly spelled out. In one scene, a guy says that the penalty will "strip a woman of her dignity and virtue".
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