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    I'll be sure to tell u when I watch it ^^. Oh I know exactly what u mean T_T; I don't like Maka either >_>; she's super arrogant and yeah totally annoying at times. Even if I liked her T_T; id still hate that ending though seriously >_>; how could u beat someone with "words" haha. It's like u said ^^ Soul Eater has so much potential so I really want to read the manga. Im sure they did a great job with it. My favorite characters....ummmmm I think I liked Tsubaki and Soul most ^^. So what animes are u currently watching ^^. Do u mind if I ask u were u're from?
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    I do have a MAL profile:
    I'll try to send u a friends request on there ^^. I just use MAL to keep track of animes >.>; my manga list on there is just pathetic T_T; i think i have like 1 completed manga haha. Im like super SUPER lazy when it comes to reading also haha i mean watching things move and in color is better right T_T; lol. U're right though ^^ mangas usually do tell the story much better. It makes me wonder why anime changes some parts they do o_o;. Nu i know what u mean ^^ i have tons of manga i tell myself i have to read lol mostly mangas from animes that either ended too soon or manga had an alternate path (like Soul Eater, I really want to read the manga for it cause the anime ending made me so angry >_>; haha.)
    I'll definitely watch Kara no Kyoukai ^^.
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    Haha i hope u were able to enjoy it there at least ^^. Sometimes it could be a little awkward >.>; lol.
    U have really great taste also ^^ and OMG >_>; u like Chrno Crusade also o_o; that is sooooo awesome haha. I LOVE elfen lied! Nyuu/Lucy is so cute T_T;. I havent watched Kara no Kyoukai. It looks really really good though. Do u have a profile on myanimelist? I havent read Naruto in such a long time T_T;. That's a hard question though ^^. I usually like anime more cause it's animated with music! ^^ lol so I like watching fight scenes and things. With naruto though >_> no idea cause the anime has so many fillers T_T; and they keep stretching the manga lol. With Naruto, Id probably choose the manga though.
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    Oh dont worry ^^ were u on vacation? It's so nice to meet u! I like all kinds of anime ^^ as long as it has a great story >.>; lol. To list a few of my favorites i like Code Geass, Higurashi no Naku Koro Ni, Mirai Nikki, Clannad, Eureka Seven, Chrno Crusade, Full Metal Alchemist (both), Fairy Tail, etc. What about u ^^ what kind of animes do u like.
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    Hi! Yeah, I recently watched it, and it was so good! I wish there were more anime like that out there.

    Umm, I tend to like anime that have action and gore, but I have to like the art. My favorite is Claymore, but I also liked Cowboy Bebop, Onu Yasha, Bubblegum Crisis, Death Note, ... I have a lot more, but I just can't remember hahaha.

    What about you? Do you also like to read manga?
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    Glad to hear you like it! Update me when you watch the newest episode!
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    Hey, it's nice to meet u. Message me if u want to me friends ^^.
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