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    O well i've made AMVs with windows movie maker before. And uploading to youtube, all u need to do is have an account and click on upload at the youtube home page. After that it's just selecting file from your computer and it automatically uploads it for you. Did you try that, tell me the error u are getting if u did or what's going wrong. Also make sure you are converting the project on windows movie maker to avi and you are uploading that avi file and not the actual project file.
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    What do you have to do for your project. If you tell me more i might be able to help you out more.
    Downloading from youtube you can do it using this program here....
    You can just use it free version (that's what i use). Go to the download tab on there and copy and paste the youtube link on there. After that you press download and it will download it for you. If you want to convert it to avi, wmv, mp3, or mp4 u can go to convert tab and select the video that was just downloaded and then select what u want to convert it to and hit convert. It's pretty simple so don't worry and ask me for help.
    Do you also need to upload something? Tell me more about what u need to do and so i can give u specific intructions on that.
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    HEy ik u!!!! (im thinking)Yeah!!!ur my bffl's friend!! U know DarkXAnime? anyways....fav anime....idk!!! i love alot of them.
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    Yo! nic ta meet ya 2 lol.
    Yeah was 'bout to say "omg we got the same avatar" ^^
  5. Awesome, Um... When I was 5 years old I used to do karate but I couldn't be bothered when I got my first belt lol xD and when I was 7 or 8 I did Tie Boxing with my uncles but then I wanted to do dancing aswell but that I had to stop doing Tie Boxing Well, at least I had some fun doing those activities ^_^ Are you good at drawing? I'm awesome at it :P I mostly draw manga/anime 'cause it's so easy for me
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    Are you considering making youtube videos and uploading them? Do you want to download something from youtube lol. I always get all my music from youtube. I download the music video and convert it to mp3.
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    Aha yeah, I consider myself to be a man with many talents xD
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    I was taught viola by a professional when I was small, but when I was 16, I used that knowledge to teach myself to play the violin. The two instruments aren't very different from one another, so it was easy to do.

    Did you ever learn to play anything, or have you just stuck to martial arts?
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    Yeah he is I guess I mean he has been appearing in my thoughts a lot lately
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    No... he was so nice and sweet and he treated kindly and he was always open with his affection. I recently had a dream about him as well
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About -Sasuke Uchiha-

Basic Information

Date of Birth
April 14
About -Sasuke Uchiha-
I'm a skinny,serious person. I like anime,manga, j-pop, anything about Japan.I love to watch action animes. Yeah, that's me. I'm 16 and from Malaysia. Live in Penang which is known as Pulau Pinang. I always represent my school in tennis tournament and my skill-full muscle art, taekwondo. Not that skill-full as you thought. Got red belt in taekwondo. hehehe......But, I have moved to Sarawak about 2 years ago.

Favorite animes:
Naruto Shippuden
Prince of Tennis (1&2)
Kuroko no Basuke
07 Ghost
Hunter X Hunter 2012
Tsubasa Chronicles
Cardcaptor Sakura
Death Note
Fairy Tail
Dragon Ball

* I forgot other animes.

Favorite Vocaloids:
Hatsune Miku

Favorite j-pop artists:
Ikimono Gakiri
Nico Touches the Wall
Kimeru ^ ^
draw my favourite anime, jpop , games and surfing the internet
studying in SMS Kuching.


I am an avenger
I can't die because
I need to kill a certain someone before then


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