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    I knew that already though.
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    Jo men ta till exempel den scenen när de var nere vid stranden och tittade på zeppelinaren (stavar det så? xD), och några av hans kompisar kom förbi och berättade att de skulle få gå in i själva luftskeppet och titta. Killen blev jätteglad och berättade det för flickan och frågade om hon ville med, då blev hon jättesur, snäste till, och gick därifrån. Märkligare reaktion får man leta efter! xD Problem med svartsjukan liksom? ;) Tsss tsss, nåja, katten som hon hade var riktigt söt i alla fall. Påminde mig lite om den där svarta katten i Sailor Moon, hahah!

    Men jag kanske vill höra det från dig?? HAR DU TÄNKT PÅ DET??! Så kom igen, tell me! (med andra ord: jag är alldeles för lat för att googla).
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    Ya I have a few comics but there are so many!!! too hard to keep up with everything.

    I got a silver surfer comic that I need to read. I heard Silver surfer could be getting a movie since he was reclaimed by Marvel (from FOX)
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    Im pretty sure Azazel's power is different than say Nightcrawler because Nightcrawler could only teleport to a place he can see and Azazel can teleport anywhere. (hes actually really really powerful) And youre right the dropping wouldnt need strength to pull off but Azazel has other fighting powers I would not claim.

    I love X Men
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    Yah Persona 3 has really shattered my video game innocence ;_;... It's such a sad game... they make you fall in love with a character... then kill them off... "oh look heres a new character to fall in love with... oh wait he has cancer and has month to live" Then at the end after 70-100 hours of game play... you think you are about to get that happy ending you struggled for... Ha not even close (not gonna ruin ending)... Yah Corpse only one I've tried. Downloading Katawa Shoujo :3 looks interesting... hey quick question x.x how do I post a picture?
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    I just think Diamond skin would be beautiful. How could it not be pretty to be covered in shiny diamonds? haha

    Maybe that character would be OP. I was thinking of it as a pretty good defensive character cuz idk if Id be able to pick guys up the azazel did in the movie. I picked the teleporting because I wanted a practical power and I wanted the diamond skin because I like that she blocked bullets and mind readers.

    Your character sounds a little more like an athletic version of Sabre tooth. A cool character IMO. I thought the super intelligence would help you to tolerate humans for two reasons. Your overall useful to all of humanity wether it be in politics or inventing cool stuff and then also since youre so smart youd be able to understand their fear and see that they dont hate you personally its just their fear of the unknown that drives them.
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    It is a good movie.

    I love the dancing.
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    Lol fun, let me know if it's any good :] Just looking for a new anime Jozz recommended Durarara! Gonna check that out. If you like visual Novels ^_^ Corpse Party series pretty fun, and it's horror! Havn't gotten far in it yet cuz been playing Persona 3... It's like a visual novel meets turn based rpg meets dating sim... Amazing game ;_; but all I can say is that it doesn't have a happy ending... well not what I would call happy anyway... (depressed)
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    Breakfast Club
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    Beast is a good pick. You may find dealing with the humans a bit easier if you were as smart as beast. Would you have Beast's mutated intelligence as well?

    Id like to have the Diamond Skin of Emma Frost I think it owuld be awesome to be so invulnerable and looking very beautiful at the same time. (kind of funny you went with Beast and I went with Frost as far as their looks) But diamond form alone would be a little boring so Id have to also add Azazel's teleportation. Imagine the time youd save never needing to travel. Oh I have a report on the pyramids due? Ill just teleport to Egypt. Time for work? no problem!
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