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About BerzerkCommando

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Date of Birth
December 24, 1992 (21)
About BerzerkCommando
If you want to know more about me just ask. OK? :)
-New Wave

-Video Games.

-Star Wars.
-World War II.
-My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.(Yes, I am a Brony.)

Well back in Nam I was part of a 5 man squad(including myself). We did guerrilla warfare attacks against Viet Cong. One of our orders was to attack a VC compound. Strangely on the way up to it we encountered no enemy fire, or booby traps at all. We just thought it was a mind trick to make us think it was of no impotentness. So we continued on. We finally arrived at it. Even stranger it had no enemy guards, or visible weapons. But we still thought it was a mind trick. We still continued the mission.

I made a bet with them that I couldn't clear it out by myself. And they took it. So I quietly ran up to it and I threw a concussion grenade through the front window. It went off which I followed up by a frag grenade in the window and the other threw the other window. There was a short moment of screaming before being drowned out by the explosion and breaking glass.

I kicked down the door then I threw my remaining concussion grenade threw the door. I ducked against the side of the house and covered my ears. Waiting for it to go off. After I did I went threw and starting firing my 12-gauge. If you were standing out outside you would of heard the sounds of gunshots, screaming and more gunshots, then silence. I came back out through the door with the 12-gauge resting on my shoulder, smoking a Cuban cigar, while covered in blood like a boss.

My squad went inside to see the job I did. They ended up finding the bodies of woman and children. This "compound" turned out to be a orphanage. The reconnaissance info got massed up. So to cover up the incident we gave some of the woman RPGs and the rest AK-47s and we dressed the children in suicide vest.

/True story.
United States: Warren, Pennsylvania
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