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    Trust me, it is v.v

    Bettas are pretty cheap where I live, and a small bottle of pellets (fish food) is also cheap and can last you a long time since they only eat few per-day. I had one bottle and it lasted me through the three fish and I still had a bunch of leftover pellets. I lost the bottle though so if I get a fish again I have to get more food xD

    Other cool pets are love birds, parakeets and the Pikachu birds (cockatiels lol). My grandma had the first two before and now owns a cockatiel that's surprisingly friendly. He responds to whistles and whatever one says to him. Animals are mysterious creatures.
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    That's pretty much how my dog is lol. I have the dog tied outside since I don't really keep pets inside. Every time I walk next to him, which I need to do to get to the car whenever I leave somewhere, he always jumps on me with his paws and won't let me walk. And if his leash breaks he starts to run around the neighborhood and getting him back tied up is a pain. I can call him and he purposely ignores me; he'll stare at me from far away, turn his head and keep running around. Then if I chase him he starts to get grumpy and shows me his teeth because he knows that he'll get tied up xD

    And they say that dogs are a man's best friend... It's not fun, honestly. I wouldn't recommend a dog to anyone. Cats are the complete opposite though. I also like the betta fish. I think I've had like three, and all three died. They always die on me so early

    They look so cute too.

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    Having a dog is tough. Cats on the other side are cool. They're more independant, and less annoying. Like, my dog barks at anything during the night, at times I can't even sleep because of the noise >.>

    Cats are kind of the contrary from my experience, and they're all fluffy wuffy :3

    Evil huh, I wonder why. Humans have actually seen cats as allies throughout the history. Some people went as far as to associate cats with gods.
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    Yeh, things are gonna get intense

    Chores are the worst. Especially when you have to do mostly everything; like dishes, throw away the trash, clean the car, clean the windows, the screens, and all of that stuff on top of the studies. It's even worse when you have pets =.=

    I have a dog and a cat that I have to feed everyday. The dog also poos and pees on places where people walk, so I have to clean after him often. After this dog I don't want another one >.>

    Maybe I'll get a snake instead. Hm...
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    True xD

    I just got back from school and it's over 7:30PM. I woke up this morning to work on homework, went to school in the afternoon and got back now to continue to work on homework. I need to study for the mid-term tests too. School is so frustrating, every day I hate it more lol. Thankfully this is my last semester... Though then I have real life to worry about ಠ_ಠ

    Finding a job, finding my own place, getting a good car...
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    No worries. I'm starting to get a lot of homework too now that school is progressing xD
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    Yeah, deja vu.

    Kiwis are awesome, I always buy whenever I go to the supermarket. The other day I was wondering if I could make juice with kiwi the same way that I can make juice with lemon. Like, cut two or three and just squeeze it in sugar water, then stir it up (and optionally add honey :3). Lemons are really sour though, unlike kiwi, so I guess it'd take like a pinch of sugar and a lot of kiwis or something. I need to look that up.

    Someone once gave me a small recipe for a milk thingy but I lost it lol. It had something to do with certain amounts of warm milk, cinnamon, vanilla and some other stuff. It was pretty relaxing. I get headaches often during the summer since it gets really hot and the heat gives me headaches. I always have to kill it with Panadol, and that's the only thing that helps. That's partly why I prefer cold temperatures :|
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    Orange juice is good. Kiwi is a fruit that may also help with sickness, it has more Vitamin C than an orange, and they taste gewd. Milk with honey is something that I never thought of before, and now I'm curious about it.

    I think it's normal to have nightmares, regardless of the age. I personally can't remember my dreams most of the time. Then I feel creeped out because when something happens to me in real life, I feel like it happened to me before. Like a sudden realization that I dreamed whatever happened at that moment.
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    Yeah, it's pretty weird. No worries. I aways drink lemon juice with a spoon of honey in it whenever I'm sick and it helps a lot. I hope you get better
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    I don't remember ever meeting someone that can write stories. I know a lot of people that can draw though. I studied Arts and Commercial Designs when I was in a vocational-technical high school like 3 or 4 years ago, and I was grouped with a bunch of other kids that also liked to draw. My uncle also draws and I think it might be because of him that I draw. As a kid I grew up seeing his awesome art and I'd try to draw like he did, so I guess I grabbed the motivation from him. Or maybe it's in the genes or something, I dunno lol.

    My solution to remembering good ideas is sticky notes xD

    I have a big stack of sticky notes and a bulletin board on my room's wall where I pin important stuff, have a calendar hanged, put sticky notes on, etc. I also have a sticky note app on my phone/tablet. I suggest having sticky notes xD
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