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    Hi. :3 PM me soon?

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    Oh gosh! xD Well at least she (somewhat) met a famous person? xD
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    well it sounds like we're both in better places. the thought of being on my own scared me too, until i was forced out of my comfort zone. now it's my top priority.

    there's a girl that comes to the shelter on tuesdays that helps people get into subsidized housing. basically i'd only have to pay 30% of my paycheck, and the program the girl works for pays the deposit and first month's rent, so i'm desperately waiting to talk to her. i want my own place so bad i can taste it.

    yeah i don't know my mother's specific diagnosis, but i've seen her without her meds and it's not pretty. major depression is a part of it i'm sure. and bipolar isn't the debilitating disease people make it out to be, i have a severe form and with medication i feel just fine.

    yeah that's what i was asking about.
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    oh yeah. you know what i mean then, i don't know your dad but if he's anything like my stepdad then its definitely better that you're out. he'd always insult me, talk down about me. i'm a really small dude, 5'5" 120 pounds, and he's 6 foot and 200, so it's not like i could go off on him and hope to survive. one punch would pry hospitalize me. so i just had to bear it until the final day when he kicked me out, i told he was was an alcoholic prick and to fuck off. my mom hardly ever stuck up for me, she's got her own mental issues but it's no excuse.

    i was the same way for a long time, lazy, and too comfortable where i was. it's weird, despite being in a hostile environment where my anxiety was through the roof, i wad afraid to leave cause i've never been out on my own. but now that the prospect is there i'm trying my hardest to get there.

    what's up with your mom, if you don't mind me asking?
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    yeah well i'm actually glad it happened, my step-dad was always a royal prick to me and i have mountains less anxiety now that i'm here. when i was living there i was very shelled-in and antisocial, now i'm making friends and being friendly and generally upbeat. also, i got the job, which was a huge relief, i was stressing about not getting that call all day.

    that's excellent news! how long were you looking for work before getting hired? and did your mom help you get into the second place?
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    it is personal but i don't mind going into it. got kicked out of my mom's place and now i'm living in a shelter.

    that's great news about your job, i had an interview yesterday and the guy said "i'm probably going to hire you tomorrow" so now i'm waiting for a call and email. its only 20 hours a week as a cook but it'll get me into subsidized housing.

    where'd you get hired at?
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    hey! i'm going through a uhh... transitional period right now. what's up with you Chibs?
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    Yeah we should really switch to PM's now >.<

    Yeah I am going to grow my hair out again I know I am a guy but and I don't even know what I look better with but I am going to do it at least one more time before anything happens again.

    Yeah I kinda know where you are coming from I have to clean the bakery most days but that is of course after I have finished making a batch of something and hey what ever makes your job more easier =3, Oh I see that sucks but don't worry you will pull though college and don't worry don't let it get to ya okies?
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    Oh I see well most of the clothes I wore and had was just for summer really and when it would come to winter I would be pretty much done I hated it >.< yeah some of my clothes got thrown away but most of them are just in piles in my closet, heheh I wouldn't know since I am a guy but I know where you are coming from it's always annoying when you find something cute and nice and the fabric is nice and then it's not in your correct size I hate that with a burning passion >.< oh god I know that phase all to well because thats the one I went through the most I dyed my hair black had it long as I said before and I wore the most stupidest clothes possible hmm but now I think about it I had a small pile of clothes that was pretty cool I liked to theme myself sometimes to but after a while I didn't really care what I wore I just cared if it fit me really.
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    Ugh I got the character limit aswell >.<

    Hehehe no problem, and I want to go out and get a burger now XD and yeah I but any job can become really tiering over time I guess just gotta get used to it ;-; and that sucks I didn't know you had to clean the place up and move everything so you could do that ;-; but meh at least that job and the hotel will get your though college ^_^ I hope you get the job you want in the future =3
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