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    Nuuuuu Riia-chan i miss u so much ;_;.
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    Aw thanks ^^. Nuuuu how could your friend not like Code Geass and Clannad ;_; this hurts me very much >.>; lol. What kind of animes is your friend into ^^. Maybe i could recommend some for u guys lol. Nuuuu im glad u liked that AMV ^^. This AMV is very sweet. It tells u it's own little story so see if u could understand it lol.
    It almost made me cry first time i watched it T_T; lol. Yepppp ^^ we shall be the weirdest tourists japan's ever known haha T_T; we shall go down in history >.>;. Awwww i didnt know u've only seen some of naruto. I'll have to keep that in mind so i dont spoil anything lol. Btw, a friend of mine showed me this really good vocaloid song T_T;. I think u will like it ^^....
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    Sorry again for a late reply T_T; i've really missed u ^^. Good luck with your exams, i hope u'll do amazing on every one. Haha ^^ looks like u will be having a nice anime marathon during summer break :P wellll i know u will love all 3 of those animes ^^ also that Clannad AMV i have specially for u lol. But nuuuu i want to give u a nice AMV right now so let me find one ^^....lets see u like death metal and death note so u might like this AMV ^^....
    I should really find u something more romantic next time though ;_; lol.
    Nuuuu thanks ^^ u're so sweet u know that. I would love to go to Japan with u ^^ then we could be "those" people together >.>; haha it wont be as embarrassing and it's ok if people think we're weird T_T; as long as we have fun together :P lol. Yeahhhh u dont like sakura either T_T but ummmm do u like Sasuke though >.>; lol.
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    Nuuuu sorry I'll reply to u a little later today ^^ I promise.
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    Hahahaha have u watched Lucky Star ^^. That show is so funny. Nuuuu we're so similar in so many ways T_T; lol. Well that makes me glad we met ^^. Um so where would u want to go visit Japan first? I guess for me it would either be tokyo or kyoto. Id be scared to death going in one of tokyo's trains though haha ^^.
    I wonder what it's like to be in that train T_T;. If we ever went to japan together ^^ i bet they would be like >.>; oh it's one of "those" people that think japan is like anime haha. Nuuuu how could people think hinata is irritating when she's so cute ;_; lol. Sakura however >_>; i totally understand being irritating lol. U should watch Fairy Tail ^^ it's really good. Im sure u will like it. Did u ever get a chance to watch code geass or clannad. I have a great AMV wating for u when u finish clannad ^^ lol.
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    Nuuuu i hate when that happens T_T; it's happened to me several times. This explains it all ;_;....
    yep ;_; lol. I just love that anime ^^. It's ok, it's happens to me sometimes also ^^ and dont worry i'll remember to check your profile if i dont hear from u just in case lol. Im glad u like talking to me ^^. Nuuuu those songs ;_; servant of evil almost made me cry ^^ lol. It's really so beautiful. Same with me, i want to visit japan a lot ^^ but then i want to have someone to go with me lol or i feel id just be so lonely ;_; lol. I really love there culture also ^^ but sometimes i wonder if i really know it >.>; lol cause what i know is mostly from anime haha ^^. Oh i think we're similar T_T; i like quiet, shy, and cute characters like hinata from naruto. But then i also really REALLY like mavis from fairy tail ^^ if you've watched it.
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    Nuuuu im really sorry about the late reply again T_T; i'll be sure to stalk your profile more from now on :P lol. I really do enjoy talking to u though ^^. Those songs, yeah u really should listen to them. Im still amazed by the different feelings both of them make u feel. I guess it tells u something about hate and just how important it is to understand people. I had to listen to those songs twice to fully understand them lol. Hm that's really interesting, why do u want to move to japan ^^. I really like japan but moving there would be so such a huge step lol. Maybe u want to be a mangaka lol. Ohhhh i see, so does this mean u have a thing for those dark gloomy guys that eat tons of sweets :P haha.
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    Sorry T_T; I havent replied to u. I just saw u accidentely replied on your profile lol (happens to me also ^^) so I didnt know u replied. I feel so bad T_T; I promise I'll give u a proper reply tomorrow when im not half asleep lol.
  9. oh that sounds cool, how they're the same story, i'll listen to them soon ^_^ yeah im usually lazy too haha, but im glad i decided to learn japanese, coz I want to move to Japan one day so I though the earlier I learn the better xD And yeah I did like L, and I suppose I had a crush of sorts xD
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    Let me know what u think of them ^^ daughter of evil and servent of evil are 2 songs with same story only told by a different perspective. So it's really cool lol. Servent of evil just makes me want to cry though T_T; it's so sad. I've always wanted to take japanese classes ^^ but >.>; im a very lazy person haha so i never got around to it. It would be soooo cool though if u could understand these songs just by listening ^^ id be totally jealous >.>; their are so many great japanese songs out there T_T;. Awwww that's cute ^^ i guess u really must have liked L a lot haha. Did u have a crush on him then?
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