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  1. It's odd that some of greater artists use references for inspiration or assistance. But, it's understandable that there are some things that are just too difficult to draw without having something to look to help. Also, a lot of artists do write, or verbally state in interviews to help beginners that using such resources isn't a bad thing and can help learn the basics of anatomy, body positions, and poses.

    But, I want to try doing it without relying on such things. Stupid sounding, I know...but isn't that where the challenge is?

    And thanks so much on your thoughts, I wanted to have a style like that of Joe Madureria, Masamune Shirow, Johji Manabe, and J. Scott Campbell...but combine them together. Today most "manga" art looks so similar to each other and I don't want that for me, if that makes sense? And I like long conversations, don't worry about it. lol
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    You know you could have just skipped that part?
    I skipped it and started watching the Arrancar Saga.
    Everybody love the Arrancar Saga.Have you watched it?
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    Have u watched bleach?
  4. Isn't that cheating? lol But, I can understand why you would use a program like the assistance with body anatomy. It's actually a pretty good idea, but you can also practice as well. I try to do all poses from my mind, and using no references so I don't become dependent. I'd really like your input on my art as well, posted some facial expressions and it was really hard keeping the same look of the character. Since none of my friends draw, or aren't really into anime this is the only place I can get unbiased thoughts

    Where did you get DAZ from, and is it hard to use?
  5. Yo, how ya doing? Like the new art posts, did you say that you use a 3d program for reference on your drawings?
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    Do you watch Soul Eater?
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    that's good to know.^^
    So um what anime do you watch?
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    will you still be on when you're in college?
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    what do you mean hide your true self?O-o
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    hi there how are you?
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About AkanoYoru

Basic Information

Date of Birth
July 11, 1992 (22)
About AkanoYoru
I live in the wilderness of New England, where there is 3MB/s for the entire county. Also it was difficult to "hang out" with friends anywhere besides school due to distances, so I treasure my social interactions whenever they come. My family's impression of anime is that of the low-budget ones like the first seasons of Digimon, so my interest is slightly looked down upon (or maybe they're condescending because I'm the youngest. I don't know)

I try to keep humble, as I don't like people who brag. But occasionally I do squee in joy at one of my works, only to find out later that it sucks. I am my own worst critic. I started drawing because I saw this one older kid draw something cool, and I wanted to do the same thing (monkey see, monkey do, monkey throws it's... you get the idea). When it comes to drawing I am a perfectionist, but I'm also a little lazy :)

In Spring of 2012 I had a perspective shift in my view of art thanks to a College professor who admitted he was senile, and by the time the semester ended there were 25% of the original students left (about 50% left the first day) due to his eccentric, "Nothing is sacred" manner. Because of that many don't like him, but I found his lectures informative, and the critical thinking modes he introduced I am beginning to understand, use and enjoy.

I enjoy various types of anime. The Shonen genre is fun, but I also love psychological stuff like Serial Experiments Lain, Ergo Proxy, and the not-well-known stuff like Armitage-III and Saikano. Much of the modern popularized anime seems to focus on a harem aspect, which while amusing can get repetative if nothing is done to add interest (robots anyone?) The anime that was my "gateway drug" (as it were) was Spice and Wolf. I had never watched anything before with character interactions like in that show. In some sense it made me emotionally mature. Now a little over 2 years later I've watched well over 60 series (some of them not as great as Spice and Wolf).

I like all sorts of music (No rap or techno, thank you), but I have a soft spot for distorted vocals like Disturbed, Lordi, or emo-types like LostProhets or The Automatic. I also find J-pop really catchy, even though most of the time it isn't English and I can only a word here and there (Fade sings in English). Oh yes, and anything with a choir backing up the main vocals is a "must listen" in my book.

So much writing... so much for "A few details about yourself", eh?
New England
Drawing, anime, manga, socializing, reading, writing, prop design, sleeping, listening to music
College (Major: Studio Art, Minor: Japanese)
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