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October 10, 1993 (23)
About brantkin
i am currently trying to make characters in 3d with blender for a anime/ game that i might make called xanikar's darkest light it is about a guy that was sent down from hell or so he haves been told so he goes out kills a ton of people than a building falls on him he wakes up with no memory only his name and to read write and talk so he find a family that adopts him and later on he starts to lose his fangs his catlike ears tail and starts to grow a halo above his head and wings because he starts to turn into angel instead of being a demon since he is not killing he is only doing good things but than later on he starts to remember what has happen and than he starts to freak out and he haves a choice to become a demon again if he chooses to become a demon he gets his fangs catlike ears and his tail back if he continues down the path of an angel he can learn to heal fly walk on water create fire out of nothing but if he continues down the path of a demon he gets stronger faster can create all elements breathe under water and smell and hearing also become 5x better than a regular humans also he can see at night clearly so becoming a demon is the better choice but could he live with killing tons of people and that how i came up with the name xanikar's darkest light
playing videogames,watching anime
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