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    You are????!!!

    Omg... I have been tricked!
    xD hahaha!
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    I have been to Coffs Harbour twice. I went there on a two years ago with the school. It is SO HOT up there. I was in the water basically 10 hours per day. I couldn't live there but it was a great pace for a vacation.
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    Yoooooooooooooooou're a boy?
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    have you read the visual novel or watched the anime? i have done both, but i think the visual novel is better than the anime, also sorry if this sounds bad or way to out of line, but i have a request to ask you: would you be friends with my friend tazdeviltron? she has just joined anime forum she LOVES fate/stay night, so you two could have a lot to talk about.
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    There is no wonder that you're not a social type, I would also hid in my room if my garden where flocked by scary tourists ;D You never know where those people have been... *shurgs* xD So you live in a ... hm.. Im not sure about the english word for this but something like 'a little pre-town before the real town'?
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    Hey, i like your avatar. I just finished watching Fate/Stay Nights yesterday and enjoyed it a lot. I noticed that you live in Australia, same as me. Do you live on the East coast or elsewhere? I live in Sydney (well, i go to a boarding school there).
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    my friend thinks she's Ilya!! hahaha she keeps trying to stalk and kill all the ginger boys who look like Shirou! lol
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    Fate/stay night is cool! I am reading tousaka rins route, and love Iliya, your avatar!
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    I guess so. But still, as someone who is used to live in a climate that is around minus 20 degrees during the winter, the life in Australia seems a little to much for me to handle. Atleast more then just going there for a vaccation. I remember the time me and my faimly traveled to Thailand. The moment we got of the plane it was like walking into a wall (litteraly!) of heath. Thought I would die before I got accustomed to it.

    So you don't live in Sidney? I thought most people 'down there' did that. :P I guess the good thing with it is that you don't have to meet all the flocks with tourists such as myself.
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    Yeeeeeeeeaah you should. Now bend over and kiss my feets! ^///^ korulkorulkol ~
    How how can you stand that heat? I just become exhausted just by thinking of it. How hot does it usually gets? Do you live in Sidney?
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