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    Oh, nah, I don't xD
    I wasn't going to question you about it because I didn't know if you still wanted to talk or if I was becoming annoying xD But now that you've got me talking, mind explaining what the Order of the Stick is? It looks interesting xD
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    M'kay :3 Thanks - I'll VM you back when I finish it, which might be in a day or so. XD

    Yush *O* The wet and stormy is the type of weather for me xD Wbu? :3
    Ooh, thunder and lightning :3 Have fun
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    Is there any specific picture of Vaarsuvius you would like me to render (seeing as there are no renders of him already)? :3

    I like wet places :3 You're lucky xD I live in a desert OTL
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    naomi was here
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    A sig? I could try if you want me to, but I'm honestly not that good^^ However I'll give it a shot :3 Didjya make a thread for it?

    Pfft. That school sounds like a fail D: I'm sorry you even had to go there D: I hope you like your new school a little better though, nee? :3

    Oh, xD I thought you said you lived in England. Must be remembering something somebody else said from another convo~ xD Oi, I'm a little bit Scottish on my mom's side, however I don't have the accent or anything Hmm... well if it's wet, wouldn't there be a lot of greenery? Like planets and such~ I'm sure Scotland is pretty for the most part if you like the rain and plants. :3 Meh, drunks scare me, honestly xD I'm sorry you hafta live around them D: The 'pal' thing would sorta annoy me D: And adults like that make me burst a blood vessel D: Do you like it there in Scotland? Aside from the drunks and show offs? :3
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    Aw, I'm sorry. D: That must've sucked. Do you still go there? Oi, if I was there, I would've told them that if they were letting kids wear casual stuff, but wouldn't let Erin wear her Misa cosplay under the uniform, then she should still be allowed to wear it. And if they still said no, I would've petitioned or something, but that's just me. xD

    I'm not sure if that would get you expelled if I did that in Britain... here it's okay because we have a bunch of rights stated in a document, so we can do certain things as long as it doesn't infringe on other people's rights. But no one really pays attention to that document anymore, so there are lots of problems. There are a lot of JD's here now, because of how the rights can be taken away from a minor. But anyways, what's England like? I'm sure it's way better than here
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    No problem XD Thanks for thanking me XDDD

    Oh gosh, my old school was terrible. It was a charter school, so it wasn't controlled by any of the districts here - therefore the charter school could make whatever rules for the students they wanted. The elementary school I had attended was much better than the middle school, though. The middle school had weird at-school holidays where some of the kids had to have CPS called on them, and all that jazz. o3o Then there were some unjust accusations of kids being suicidal, and yeah. xD They made us wear uniforms and were really strict - totally against independence and creativity. They wanted everyone to be the same and act the same. It was terrible.

    What about yours?
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    Cho' welcome :3

    D'aww shucks XD I'm sure it'll sell great, and I hope you get them published sometime soon XD Meh, I'm sorry about your school D: It sounds like my old one...
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    Okay...~ XD You're interesting too, nee? :3

    Yeah D: I don't get it - a few religions have opposite views on them and then suddenly everyone finds Wiccans 'satanic' D: We're not satanic or satanists, we're people too //shot/

    No problem Yeah, they do make sense^^

    XD Well I'm sure your books are going to come a long way Vampire books seem to be increasing in popularity, and there's no doubt millions of people will buy your books. X3 And I can pay for a copy if it's too much trouble xD After all, paying for a copy pays you more, nee? :3 Oh, so it's a series? That sounds awesome!~
  10. Boring? dont insult yourself, im finding you fun and im only talking to you!

    I love wiccans! I hate how much bad press they get, its stupid!

    Thank you for complimenting my beliefs. I always thought it made sense.

    And yes, i write vampire books. None are published... At all, im only 16 and havent bothered looking. Ill get my hands on the typed version my friend sam typed up for me, and edit it before publishing it. Once im done there ill get you a free copy. (Then ill get the 2nd typed and the 3rd wfitten lol)
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