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    I'm new, my self, I haven't looked at very many art forums, yet. The forum's rules (If they have any) are usually in a thread in the group. There are no intro threads, in the main menu of the group there is a short intro there, most of the time. And,I added you because we have at least one thing in common: We made the account/profile and haven't used it for the first time until months after I made the account.
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    Usually, the rules for particular groups are listed in the groups. To find some groups you could look at other people's profiles and they'll have their groups listed. To join a group, You click on the "Group Tools" drop-box and select "Join Group".
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    You go to settings and you can choose your icon and avatar and change various settings like privacy settings. While viewing your profile you can customize your profile and change the colors and background images of your profile.
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About Anisa Mazaki

Basic Information

About Anisa Mazaki
Hello everyone. It's nice to meet you! I'm the ametuer Mangaka and Artist apparently almost everyone knows about...sigh... Unlike most people, I am not your typical girl.
I am part Emo, part Nerd, part Monster/Demon and sometimes Suicidal...

Hi there! It's nice to meet you! My name is Anisa Mazaki and I like to draw, design and create Art work, Craft items and my own Manga Characters. On the 4th of May, 2009, I had my work published in the local papers, and right now, this one is currently having the rest of her work published elsewhere and is working on Advertising the work for an income and to promote my comics.

Type of Person:
I'm a relatively friendly, honest, serious and complicated person. Don’t piss me off or you won't like me at all! I am serious at a certain degree and crazy at a certain degree- (Aren't we all crazy??) I can be very emotional, dramatic most of the time and sometimes sarcastic. I can get easily pissed off and depressed, so be very careful. Happiness rarely is seen since I'm mostly a serious person who can't take jokes. I detest liars and I'm not the kind to argue with nor hang around too long with, because I always piss off everyone around me...well if I'm in a bad mood... I like several types of Rock Music along with classical, (separate of course.)
I don't have any favorite movies, books or shows and I really hate any porno material, 'guys filcks' and the degradation and disrespect of women... That includes Anime and Manga material. I don’t have any problems with gays. I personally think they are “cool”. I do have a problem with lesbians though, due to having spent five years working with several of them in “high school.” So for anyone who is a lesbian, cool off 1st, will yuh? If you want to be friends, then I don’t mind. I am currently still in a relationship, so guys, I’m not interested. If you want to be friends, then that’s ok with me.
I dislike much of my real family, I have two older brothers i don't like to talk about, I don’t consider myself a human anymore, (because of the way the societies in this world are today), I consider all of my art work as trash and I don’t consider myself as “highly intelligent”.
Don’t treat me like if I’m stupid either or you will be flamed, just like the last guy! And don’t dare say to my face “so you’re pretty smart.” That’s an insult! I don’t like people calling me names like “honey” or “sweetheart”. You know you are... I’ll flame you if you call me that without my permission, especially if you’re a guy! You can call me b***h if you want, I don’t mind much... But if you have to call me some other swear word, I won’t allow it!
I really don’t like heights, elevators and escalators. I prefer to walk and climb steps... Gives something to do with my legs, rather than be a lazy *******. The elevator makes me feel “pressure movement sick”. Escalators make me feel uncomfortable standing on stairs that move for you. I don’t like continuous motion like that. I dislike stupid people and people who say, “I wish I was you” in my face. Never say that in my face because you don’t know what kind of life I have and you should be grateful for your own!! I’d hope that no one wants to live my life...
I dislike receiving too much popularity/attention, people staring at me too much and boy crazy girls. Those things irritate me a lot... I’m jealous of women who have small breasts... (Why?? Just ask me and I’ll tell you), and I can curse because of my Father. Sometimes I am selfish, bi***y and impatient, but when it comes to Art Work, I am extremely patient, for patience and time produces good work...or so I believe. I care a lot about my friends only on this website due to having possession of an “Open Heart”...though sometimes it may take a while for it to happen...It deepens on my mood.
One thing to note about me is that I like testing people a lot on anything in their personality such as how angry you can get or how much do you really care. Those are some of my favorite tests...I’m sorry if you think that’s sick. I like doing that just to see how the “victim/s” reacts in certain situations... So for those who got “hurt” the last time, like the 20yr old blonde, I apologize for any misery I had been or caused. It won’t happen again... Another thing to note about me is that I can’t empathize with you on any experience/s I do not have also or unless I think that you don’t deserve it from me... So to the 20yr old “blonde” again, I apologize again... I didn’t have your issues until now... And one last note, as you can see from the above, I’m technically a very “open” person. I don’t fear anyone, and I believe that one should have a “full” personality report of oneself to show others of who or what they’re dealing with. That way they can make the decision for themselves on who they think they should have as a friend. Besides, it has come to my attention that many of you have a lot of question you’d like to ask me, but are for some reason, afraid. Don’t be...its pathetic...
There is no point in hiding your personality traits or feelings towards others since much of this can change...if you have the time, patience and a heart. The only thing that must remain hidden is your real ID... Anything else you'd like to know, let me know :D
Drawing and Designing, Painting, Making Jewelry and spending time with Husband.


"If You Need Someone to Blame, Throw A Rock In the Air and Hit Someone Guilty"


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