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    Part 3: OMG u really are like easy to stalk haha :P in a matter of seconds i found your T_T; facebook (which by the way contains a link to your AF profile and your tumbrl profile) haha u're so cute. I was ganna >.>; add u, but then your 952 friends seemed super intimidating to my T_T; lonesome 200 friends *cries in dark corner* haha I like your garden btw >.>;. U can add me but only if u can find me >.>; my full name is "Kushal Patel" haha good luck ;P u'll understand why i have such a long hit list T_T;. I dont think i've ever given u a picture of me though so here is a picture....
    I hope it at least lasts 2 years if all u're checking is email lol. Oh >.>; u have it wrong. It isnt that i dont use it anymore >.> it's more like "never been used" haha. I actually won it from my college T_T;. And nope u cant have it >.>; it's alllllll mine ;P.
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    Part 2: I don't really like perish song in games T_T; doesn't the effects go away if u change pokemons or does it stay where next time u use that pokemon in battle the counter will still be there (if that's the cause than it's a really cool move). >.>; u seem to like the opposite pokemon games I like haha like heart gold for me and soul silver for u :P. Well to be precise >.>; the US speaks the "evolved" version of the UK tongue haha :P oh I could feel the hate from my UK friends T_T; lol. I hate politics, laws, and justice also -.-; it's a crappy system full of corruption. It just bothers me so much though since it's wrong. What right does anyone have to tell u who u can and cant love especially when most "straight" relationships are normally fake and extremely casual. Nu don't tell me u don't like pistachio ice cream T_T; it is so good. Mint and lime I totally understand >.>; but pistachio? Don't even think of it >.>; I have my ice cream on lock down haha :P.
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    Part 1: Well >.>; if they're so cute then then u should go swimming with them haha I can make u a nice little cage :P. I kind of want to try that actually >.>;. I googled it and it's about 1800 miles so it should take 3 to 4 hours. They probably have an hour of difference. U do realize that America has 4 different time zones right lol. My trip from texas to florida requires 1 hours of difference. I've even driven past that 1 hour border couple of times cause the state my college was in had 2 different time zones. I've always wondered >.>; what if u had a house on that border haha. Oh I think I definitely need to come sit with u on your first plane trip >.>; it sounds like it will be very entertaining~ :P haha. U'll be like super paranoid the entire time. Maybe Aby-chan should just catch her an Altaria >.>; and teach it fly. Then u could use fly to go to Japan :P haha oh if only it worked that way T_T;.
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    Part 3: Lets see Spanish last name >.>; im totally guessing Garcia or Martinez haha :P. Oh~ u like it cause u totally know it's true :P. See~ that's exactly why u should have it before the break >_>; u know there are those overachievers without a life. And I know regardless of how much more time i have T_T; i'll still pull a "kushal" haha so i aim for that lower class average ;P. What kind of tablet do u have ^^ i have an ipad but it's just collecting dust T_T; lol. Um T_T; in what possible way is that a bear hahahaha that is so cute~ :P. It looks like a plus or minun pokemons >.>; except the ears are different.
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    Part 2: Don't tell me u're a homophobe? This issue is all over the world and I hate laws like that. Laws are designed to protect people. 2 guys or 2 girls getting married isn't going to "hurt" anyone any more than normal marriages. These laws aren't for "safety" but rather limit people's natural right of freedom. Sure I think it's really gross when 2 guys kiss (and totally hawt when 2 girls kiss >.>; haha) but I wouldn't take away their right to be with each other if they really love each other. Even in America there are tons of issues with this, but im glad it's changing. OMG if cookies and cream is your favorite >.>; there are tons of ice creams u have to try ^^. I mean sure >.>; I like cookies and cream also T_T; but nu there are so many other ice creams i could show u haha. I think Aby-chan needs to come to my apartment >.>; and check out my freezer :P.
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    Part 1: What makes u like sharks so much? Haha i guess cooties doesn't exist in Philippines :P. Do u know how far away japan in from where u live? I fly at least 4 times every year ^^ so it isn't a big deal. If anything it's just a crappy experience -_-; lol. Oh Altaria is a really pretty pokemon ^^ i really like it also. I really like dragon pokemons ^^. I've only played platinum and heart gold. Oh~ don't worry i'll have my maids buy a kyogre cosplay before anything else haha ;P. I don't think u could "officially" go by that criteria though cause many people will understand different amounts of different dialects. Also im sure if i went to country side of UK i wouldn't understand anyone T_T; but it's still considered "English" lol.
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    Nu why couldnt there at least be a zombie apocalypse >.>;. That would make things fun :P haha. Oh i JUST reached that point ^^. Im totally sleep deprived T_T;.
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    Aw really? Well that's boring >_>;.
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    Happy New Year >.>; how does the future look. Is the world still there?
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    It's so weird T_T; I feel the context of these conversations are like TOTALLY different from the context of our older conversations by PM >.>; It's like I just met Aby-chan alllll over again haha :P except this aby-chans more cuter >.>; and meaner haha jk :P. Which conversations do u enjoy more >.>;. I don't even remember what we used to talk about T_T;.
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