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    Part 2: I think ud have to know “Isidro” is a last name lol >.>; otherwise ud be like me thinking abyisidro >.>; is that some random made up word or something Philippines related haha It could even be ice cream in Philippines ;P. Oh young people >.>; totally includes me haha. I think most things people post in the feeds is nonsense though. I mean can u really have something interesting to post every hour or even every day that cant be consider trivial? I actually miss facebook when it was exclusive only for college students. It had a completely different feel to it. It is interesting to know that u were in a pet society and it makes me curious what pet it was (especially if it were a snake lol) but >.>; where does that come in our conversation haha I think u just took a random sentence and placed it in to mess with me :P lol. NOPE that ipad is MINEEEEE >_>; . The most important lesson I learned from my break up was >.>; “Never give a girl u like an ipad (especially for free)” haha ;P.
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    I’ve done a little snorkeling before also, but u know i used to be really afraid of the water. I think I still am a little so I feel im limiting myself, but I really want to see these things and face that fear cause like u said it’s really beautiful underwater, kind of like a completely different world. What was it like snorkeling over there? Are clams really that interesting to look at T_T; haha. It’s so funny that u mentioned this. Right after I read your reply, I went to facebook and saw that my friend had a video of him going shark diving in Fiji without a cage. I don’t know how dangerous that is. I would show u the video but I don’t know how to show facebook videos T_T;. But it looked really awesome! It kind of woke up me and made me wonder what I’ve even done with my life so far lol. Haha I like that idea ;P I’ll like stand between 2 times zones and call up random people haha. Then I’ll be like but im standing between 2 times zones >.>;.
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    Haha u're right the older picture fit my profile more ^^. It was really pretty especially with the moonlight. I might change it back. But this picture has tons of meaning to it. If u watched the anime ud totally think it was so awesome ^^ haha. But i also like it for personal reasons. Like that dark hair girl on the right is very similar to me and that pink hair girl on the left is the kind of girl i really love so it's a picture about their love :P haha. Nu T_T; not ice cream *runs away* Aby-chan is so mean ;_;. i think aby-chan is making fun of me cause i cant have ice cream any more T_T; lol.
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    Part 2: Um >_>; younger people? U do realize that im not much older than u are right? I just don’t like facebook cause it’s full of people that either feel they need to advertise every little part of their life or want to get in other people’s business which should be personal or just want more attention. Facebook wasn’t like that when I first joined. Haha well >.>; to be honest I didn’t feel lucky. I was going through that hell with that girl that time so I was always extremely depressed. It was like oh -.-; I won an ipad. Maybe I could give it to her as a present >.>; yeah im so glad I didn’t haha. Maybe if times were better >.>; I would have totally jumped around haha. Oh yes please take away my ice cream T_T;. I think I’ve gained weight this break. So I will need u to come over and take away alllll my ice cream ;_;. Take it very far away so I never eat it lol.
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    Part 1: Yeah creatures that live in the sea are really something else. They’re completely different. Many look really pretty. It would be pretty cool being able to go diving and seeing what it’s like under there. Well >.>; with address u have to be official for documentation purposes. But if it’s your own home, would u really need to document anything with time zones? U could choose a time zone >.>; to make it less confusing haha but that would make it less fun also T_T;. Yeah I really like Altaria’s design. It looks really pretty. Yeah people are extremely selfish so injustice is present. Yeah >_>; im not very happy about it haha. I want to be the only person with my name >.>;. At least u’re lucky cause u’re the only “Abigail Loren” on facebook I think T_T;. I don’t think people realize that your username has both your first and last names >.>; haha. And well they could always ask u about your facebook account >.>; unless they want to be your “secret” stalkers.
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    Part 2: >.>; oh did u find tons and tons of "Kushal Patels". If u did T_T; then u understand my pain haha I must hunt them down >_>;. Oh it's ok, i found your twitter account from just googling your name :P it's the very first result actually haha. Pictures of u even show up if i search google images :P lol. U really are so easy to stalk T_T; haha. Wellll >_>; i guess i COULD add u T_T; lol. I dont use facebook >.>; so excuse my small list of friends and activity :P. Haha well i thought that picture was cute :P i've always wanted to hike up a mountain. It's been a long time since i last did that ^^ just how tall was it? Did u guys have to walk a lot? Haha yepp i won it :P i didnt even know about it >.>;. Then i got a call and i thought someone was trying to punk me >.>; haha. Nope it's myyyyyyy ipad >.>; yep M I N E haha :P i'll send u pictures they took when they gave me the ipad instead ;P haha.
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    Part 1: Haha would u really? Wouldnt u be scared T_T;. It would be an interesting experience i guess >.>;. Aw but that would be boring T_T; wouldnt it be cool to have 2 different time zones in your house instead of 1 haha. Yeah, it's a cool move if there is a super high level pokemon u cant beat. U cant use it on legendary pokemons though cause hard part about them is catching them over just beating them lol. Haha well i feel u cant be a successful lawyer without being "unjust" or a politician yourself. And u know many cases of justice isnt about rules but rather following morals which differ between everyone. So i agree, there will always be injustice. I feel there are only a few good humans. Well, it's ok to have your own opinion as long as u dont let that hurt or control others. The people that do that are wrong.
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    Part 4: I agree, Apple products are extremely overpriced even here. Ok ok it's a bear, a B E A R, yeah yeah a....a teddiursa haha :P. >.>;. Wellll FINE we can have a zombie apocalypse day after u graduate then :P haha. Nu i did sleep T_T; and i feel so much better lol.
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    Part 3: OMG u really are like easy to stalk haha :P in a matter of seconds i found your T_T; facebook (which by the way contains a link to your AF profile and your tumbrl profile) haha u're so cute. I was ganna >.>; add u, but then your 952 friends seemed super intimidating to my T_T; lonesome 200 friends *cries in dark corner* haha I like your garden btw >.>;. U can add me but only if u can find me >.>; my full name is "Kushal Patel" haha good luck ;P u'll understand why i have such a long hit list T_T;. I dont think i've ever given u a picture of me though so here is a picture....
    I hope it at least lasts 2 years if all u're checking is email lol. Oh >.>; u have it wrong. It isnt that i dont use it anymore >.> it's more like "never been used" haha. I actually won it from my college T_T;. And nope u cant have it >.>; it's alllllll mine ;P.
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    Part 2: I don't really like perish song in games T_T; doesn't the effects go away if u change pokemons or does it stay where next time u use that pokemon in battle the counter will still be there (if that's the cause than it's a really cool move). >.>; u seem to like the opposite pokemon games I like haha like heart gold for me and soul silver for u :P. Well to be precise >.>; the US speaks the "evolved" version of the UK tongue haha :P oh I could feel the hate from my UK friends T_T; lol. I hate politics, laws, and justice also -.-; it's a crappy system full of corruption. It just bothers me so much though since it's wrong. What right does anyone have to tell u who u can and cant love especially when most "straight" relationships are normally fake and extremely casual. Nu don't tell me u don't like pistachio ice cream T_T; it is so good. Mint and lime I totally understand >.>; but pistachio? Don't even think of it >.>; I have my ice cream on lock down haha :P.
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