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    WHAT >_>; so u're friends aren't throwing u a ice cream party to celebrate. Terrible >_>; i would have if i were there ;P haha. When are u graduating >.>; dont u have a long ways to go? Oh trust me u definitely do NOT want to work lol. School is like way better >.>; so enjoy it while it lasts :P.
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    Oh >.>; I never would have guessed that haha. Does it get u >.>; free ice cream haha jk :P. I was just wondering how n4 compares relative to japanese school level. Is it equal to like 8th grade japanese? I'm alright, just been my normal unmotivated self haha. What about u?
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    Congratulations that's so awesome. So what is it exactly?
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    Part 3: It’s ok, take your time. Remember >.>; pulling a kushal means to place the stress to different day haha :P.
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    Part 2: Wellll >.>; if someone donated u an new ipad u could sell it and get yourself 2 3ds or a 3ds with bunch of ice cream haha ;P. I cant play pokemon T_T; once I start, I spend soooo much time (normally 200 hours haha). Those games are wayy too long. How many hours do u spend? So um yeah maybe it’s good >.>; cause then u have time for other things like messaging me haha ;P. Have u watched pokemon: the origin? Yeah im sure they weren’t getting enough manga sales, but it sounds like they really messed up the ending. U should watch the anime >.>; im sure it’s so much worse lol. I really had to force myself to watch it T_T;. That’s cool, did u have to write the essay and give the interview in Japanese? That would be hard T_T;. Nu I guess u got your free ice cream after all T_T; that so isn’t fair >_>; haha u’re so cute. I bet u were more excited about it than your brother >.>; and something tells me u ate all of it up yourself haha :P. What kind of flavors did they have.
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    So if u step on them then ud have to worry about their poison also. Oh that’s totally living life on the edge haha :P. What does their poison do? Can you swim deeper with a snorkeler? I thought u can just dip your head. Haha I would have worn a life vest also cause then u don’t have to worry about floating and enjoy what u’re seeing more :P. Oh this sounds like a school trip >.>; that’s boring~ they always want to incorporate this “learning” aspect to it haha. What do u mean collect sea creatures? Don’t tell me T_T; u guys had to dive in and grab them and bring them back to the boat >_>;. Wouldn’t that kill them? I looked up tubbataha reef and u’re right it does look really nice. Underwater really is like a different world lol. Um well they would pronounce it like i do >.>; they wouldn’t pronounce it haha. They will just look at it and know >.>; and call it “that” ice cream haha :P.
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    Not much. Just school work aswell.
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    i'm good ty
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    Part 2: So Aby-chan isn’t a girl >.>;. I think moment I give my ipad to aby-chan she will like suddenly “disappear” from face of the earth haha. Maybe >.>; Aby-chan is just pretending to be “easy” to stalk lol. Wellll look on the bright side >.>; u get to come to America~ and when u have to go to japan u wont have to worry about freaking out haha :P u can freak out alllll u want on the trip to here :P. I hate when they do that but it sounds like they probably ran out of budget and couldn’t get more so they just came up with some crappy ending. Did they at least answer everything? Was it a test that u have to take for your scholarship or is it kind of like writing a thesis? Im sure u learned many things from all that hard work this year that u wouldn’t otherwise so yeah it’s good u’re taking it well. Um eat ice cream >_>; u’ll cheer me on....i think aby-chan’s ganna make me fat T_T; maybe aby-chan needs to rethink what she’s inspiring here haha :P.
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    Where they at least large colorful clams >.>;. Oh Aby-chan living that dangerous life style~ haha ;P what would happen if u stepped on small clams? Sea urchins would be really painful >.>; but I wonder if they would be poisonous? Well im sure u were also wearing a life vest when u snorkeled so I don’t think there was any “risk” of u stepping on the floor haha :P. Haha same here I REALLY want to try it, but I know my parents would really freak out haha which I couldn’t blame them T_T;. My friend mentioned that it’s actually fairly safe and that there hasn’t been any incidents of someone getting bitten. I really should look into at least getting a diving certificate though. U should add that other isidro in your hit list so u could be the only one :P. Nope its gatta be named “abyisidro” ice cream >.>; haha.
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