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    I didnt know that T_T; u sure know a lot about language lol. Well it's good cause i get to learn things i didnt know lol. I wonder why they call them romance languages also lol. My curiousity is large but my laziness is even larger ^^ lol. Well european languages are much more similar to english than asian languages. They have a similar alphabet which helps immensely since u can try sounding out some words. While Japanese, korean, etc. i look at those symbols and im like >_>; how could i possible try reading this lol. Also those symbols might be hard to distinguish from others in your head. So i think that's why for koreans, japanese, chinese it's easier to learn each others langauge due to that similarity like how german is similar to english. Im surprised with u though cause isnt filipino is english based alphabet so i would think european langauges might be easier for u lol. That sounds like a motivating anime ^^ i'll have to watch it and maybe it will give me some motivation T_T;.
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    I draw chibi too!
    I mostly draw sad little ghosts and
    puppies on my notebook when i'm bored in class. xD
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    Haha i've always wondered why people consider french a romantic language. It does sound nice ^^ but so do others like german. I dont know there is just something with me and european languages like french and german. I just love the way they sound ^^. But i bet the words "i love you" sound beautiful in many launguages. I think your english is pretty good btw ^^. Haha it's funny cause to us languages like french, german, spanish, latin are much easier to learn than japanese, korean, chinese, etc. But it's other way around for someone that grew up learning japanese, korean, etc lol. Haha i guess mangakas have mind reading down to an artform then ^^. I know exately what u mean though, it's very frustrating so sometimes i dont read at all and let it pile up to read all at once. But many times i just end up losing interest if i do that and never go back to read it T_T; lol. No i haven't read bakuman but i've heard of it. I've heard it's really good though ^^.
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    Oh kewl! So you are into political science huh.. You wanna be president one day? ;3
    How is it hard? It's a club about anime/manga! Can't be that hard.
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    Ah... yun kasi ginagamit minsan sa anime. Nakalimutan ko na "kimi" na lang dapat ilagay ko or something.
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    What made u want to major in japanese? Do u want to live in japan one day? I know a little japanese from watching so much anime lol T_T;. Other than that I've taken spanish and french ^^; but i forgot both -_-;. It's so easy to forget a language when u cant speak it or hear it outside of class. It's kind of a shame since i would love to speak french ^^. Haha namaste ^^ u got it right. I know what u mean T_T; seriously there are so many mangas out there that do the month release -_-; and then i makes me wonder why they are still ongoing after 10 years lol. I wonder if that's becasue they have budget issues? Haha yeah trying to milk the story kills the manga also. Naruto is a great example. Usually they do that with popular animes so they earn more money.
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    Not sure. xD
    Just felt like drawing some pixel art. :3
    Sorry for the late reply Dx
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    Waaaahhh~ Gomenasai.
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    I see what langauges are u studying? I've always wanted to speak different langauges. I think it really shows class ^^ to just walk in a room and be able to interact with different people in their own langauge. Well i was born in India but i came to america when i was really young.
    Haha well there are parts that are very sad ^^ that makes many people cry lol. I feel it's such a great anime that makes u think how beautiful it would be to get married to someone u love so much and have children lol. Well that isnt so bad ^^ at least it's on the last season. There are too many mangas that release so slowly that they barely make any progress. I hate that so much T_T; i feel all that waiting messed up the story ^^.
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    Anata to ganbatte kudaisai. ^_^
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