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    No T_T; so the production was cancelled >_>; wtf. How will dango-chan get her pantless Youji ;_; lol. I don’t know if I want to see it >.>; well maybe I do haha ^^ I guess it does make me curious. But um T_T; this Akira figure just looks so wrong haha. I can just see this sitting in your room >.>; it would be interesting….*your dad walks in* um….why is he not wearing any pants xD *silence*
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    Haha it's a lot less of a risk with your laptop >.>; u can just sit facing the door so even if your dad walks in u can have time to close it or switch windows xD. Haha he beats off when it gets spooky? That is so weird ;_;. So 2 'spooky' scenes >.>; im assuming were also 2 of "those" scenes also haha. It is weird T_T; but i guess him being fragile is a plus ^^ being a sadist. Im curious what this game's plot is like as it advances though ;_; it sounds kind of interesting in it's own ways. Haha id love to see u even try to talk your dad into buying that >.>;. He'd be like um....where are his pants....u'd be like....oh those are his pants (they're just different xD) *silence*
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    hey ^^ haha u're so brave to be playing those types of games >.>; with your dad asleep. I can totally see it T_T; dango-chan's dad wonders where that strange light in the living room is. *your dad walks in* *dango-chan jumps on the monitor hugging it pretending to act normal* haha xD. I wasn't doing anything at all~

    What kind of plot does that game have ^^.
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    Haha I've heard that song and that was the same with me ^^. When I start listening to it, I cant stop listening haha. That anime is so bloody and messed up. U should watch it! When u do and finish it >_>; definitely watch black lagoon roberta's blood trail. That OVA series is just sick! Reberta is just insane haha.
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    Nu sorry T_T; I just signed on PSN and I don't see u on. So im assuming your dad is home. I'll stay on for a little longer just in case though ^^. Haha I hope u get your friend to watch it also. I don't know why she wouldn't like it, I think it would be pretty cool to see a game u like as an anime even if it isn't made really well and DMMd actually seems to be made well ^^.
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    Haha ^^ I messaged u the second I saw it up. Did u watch it? What did u think? I thought it was pretty good. It started off a little slow but ended interestingly. Was that Aoba's power ^^ I forgot what it was. I wonder what route they'll go with ^^. I'll try to message u with a download link for each episode the moment I see it every Sunday ^^.
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    First episode of DRAMAtical Murder is out!!!!!!!!! Im going to download it from here....
    I'll let u know what I think after I watch it ^^ but I thought I would tell u ASAP haha. Im kind of excited to see what it will be like. And im so sorry ;_; i'll reply to your comments today or tomorrow I promise!
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    What if he randomly wakes up though >.>; like to use the bathroom haha xD. Is the PC positioned in the correct position where he wont see your screen :P. Btw, im really sorry about this weekend. I know I promised I would at least try to sign on PSN but in the end I really couldn't -_-;. I hope I can soon, I really miss doing the mic with u. How is taking care of your brother going ^^ is he asking u to do more random things with him lol. That totally sucks >_>; sometimes I feel they censor anime just cause the animators are too lazy to draw those parts in haha. Where do u pirate from? I usually go to nyaa.ce for torrents. I really hope T_T; project DIVA actually arrives at this point lol. I don't trust international shipping >_>;. Yeah it's really well done ^^ it goes really well with both madoka and bad apple themes. That's really awesome u've worked with that software. Is it hard to work with? U should show me the videos if u ever make them ^^.
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    Have u watched this? I think they did a really good job with the madoka theme ^^
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    It would be awesome to do the mic. But I know I wont be able to on weekdays. I always get home so late. So I think weekends is probably the only option unfortunately.
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