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  1. The pie looks delicious! *mouth waters*
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    PART 2:
    Haha that’s true! It isnt good to have conflicting views cause kids will definitely take advantage of that lol. They will ask “permission” to the right person that they know will say yes :P. But u know much more than that, I think it’s amazing to have that special person as a means for support. U’ll always know they wont give up no matter how hard things might be. They will always be by your side and always be that emotional support when u really need it.
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    PART 1: Im not much better T_T; lol I just found this youtube video with good ratings (so I know it works) and just followed the steps on it and it actually worked! haha

    Yeah they didnít have good final fantasy games either. But they have some really cool games from new series ^^ like Injustice, have u heard of it? If uíre into fighting games thatís a must play!

    Oh Iíve been wanting to play Okami! It looks so good >_>; why cant japanese games have a larger market T_T; haha. I donít know how Western games are so popular when every game is like Call of Duty.

    Im sure they u guys probably have buses that go to NYC ^^. I donít like taking buses though T_T; I took it once and >.>; yeah....some people were so creepy haha. Itís safe >.>; but still haha.
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    Yeah, u should go see it! I remember u told me that u've never been to New York City even though u live in New York. Is there a train that picks u up around there? That is probably going be the best way to travel there >.>; trust me u do NOT want to drive there haha.

    Yeah I agree ^^ u have to be ready. Though I think even more important than that u have to find that special person also. And well I dont think I've met anyone that I would want to have kids with. So before anything I would have to find that special girl.

    Oh Playstation 4 is AWESOME! The controllers have speakers in them T_T; along with motion sensors lol. It is so awesome >.>;. I cant wait for more games to come out. OMG I LOVE playstation 2. I didn't get myself a playstation 3 so I've played it for the longest time ^^. I love Final Fantasy X. Also I hacked my playstation 2 where I could play any burned PS2 game haha so yeah no more buying those games ^^.
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    I've never watched Pitch Perfect. Im pretty much the same with musical-type movies also. I dont watch them often T_T;. What is it about? Haha Grease, I remember when i watched it! I really like musical broadway shows like lion king was so awesome. U should make that an excuse to go to New York City lol.

    Yeah I feel like that everyday ^^. I miss those days we could just sleep in almost everyday T_T; seriously >_>; what did i do during all that time lol.

    Oh >.>; i know exactly what u mean. When i think about all the stupid things my friends and i have done im like w....t....f T_T;. Then >.>; im like damn....i want to do that now haha. Im sure u've matured tons ^^ i think it just naturally happens when u have someone really important to take care of. U kind of forget about needs.

    OMG guess what, I got myself a playstation 4 yesterday >.>; i like waited in line in front of best buy for like 5 hours just to get it at midnight haha.
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    Yeah it's really nice. I like doing that ^^. What movie did u watch? It's kind of surprising but it's actually been a couple of months since i've watched a movie T_T;. There are sooooooo many things i want to do >.>; but i never have time it seems lol.

    OMG u have a daughter, that must take so much time. There's no way i could even think about having kids haha. First i just want to find a special girl and enjoy many years with her >.>; before that topic comes up lol. That's probably cause im super immature still ^^. I like to think that im still 20 mentally >.>;. U're probably so much more mature in that sense ^^ Im sure it really is worth it. How old is she?

    I used to do that all the time T_T;. I love rewatching animes especially some animes T_T; u cant ever get tired rewatching. Lately though >.>; i passed my 200th anime point and i feel like i should have done so a looooong time back haha. So i've been really trying to make that list longer T_T;.
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    Handing out candy is fun too, but I'd still like dressing up for it. :3 Sadly I couldn't buy a costume this year, and there's not much to improvise with at home, so I think this is my first year not dressing up. :c I didn't stay home though, I went out with my sister and some friends to a haunted house and a corn maze. Since we were out in the country and it was already dark out, there was a bit of fog once we got there and it made the maze a lot more creepy lol.

    Ppfffft, being scared is the whole point of Halloween. xD Unless the kids were really young, like 8 or something, then yeah, that's kinda mean. xD;

    Yeah, I was really skeptic about the new games when I first heard about them, but now I'm dying to play it. ;w; LOL my niece and nephews ALWAYS have to watch me whenever I play any of my Pokťmon games, they find it so fascinating. So I figured they should have their own versions for once. And with all the customizations you can make now, I know they'd love it. ^^
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    Aw don't worry about it. That sounds like a lot of drama though. I hope it's gotten much better now. Was it popcorn with a movie? Haha I don't do much on my bdays either >.>; I just need my personal space to get over the fact that I'm yet ANOTHER year older haha. My lifes just been work, finding another job, and anime. Sadly not much anime >_>;. What about u, what have u been doing?
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    Yea, please do, I can't figure out what's wrong with the one already up.
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