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    Yup pretty much..

    So do tell me.. I'm curious to hear how you think about me..
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    Because I have a lot of GIL to spare about half a year or so ago I bought the most expensive item in the shop. And can buy it again as I still have that much more remaining. If you're going to lie to me please think ahead before you do...

    Why the hell would you bad rep it you say?? 2 bad reps from you in 3 days.. It seems you're abusing the reputation system. Giving everyone reps so you can come and rep me again in such short time frame? You have to rep about 10-20 or so other people in order to rep the same person again. You're trying way too hard.
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    Do you think typing like a 5 year old is going to cover up the fact you left the negative rep? Grow up and stop hiding around faking that it isn't you talking to me. Heard you tried to pretend to be your GF once bashing peoples works under a puppet account? Shows your maturity level.

    "dat a bit harsh yo, u not lyk dat if he do it 2 yo"

    Please you proper grammar and spelling. Good day.
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    Thanks for amending the rep thing back there! ^ ^

    Btw, how did you like the thread? Hopefully by tomorrow I will have added another 12 Extractions. =3
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    Oh okay, I just have a question whats his name? Even with a little info of him, I think it'll help me make your stuff look real good. :3
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    That's right, I am crazy! ^ ^

    Well I'm no stranger to the Pen Tool (in Photoshop that is), but for me it isn't my best friend with Extractions; I do use the Pen Tool for vector-based Extractions however. If you'd like to see some examples of my work here's my thread, btw. ^ ^ If you click the spoilers there you can also directly compare each Extraction to its original image.
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    Yeah they can take several hours to do depending on the image. The extraction technique I use is very unconventional (one might say unorthodox); the main advantage of this technique is that it gets around the issue of clipping, which is something usually associated with certain software tools used for extracting subjects. However the technique does largely rely on the quality and background contents of the image. Thus, it's much more difficult and time-consuming to extract a subject from a continuous-colour background than from a plain background. So the time taken to extract a given subject can be as long as 3 hours or as quick as 10 minutes would you believe?
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    I'm just taking a (much-needed) break atm. ^ ^

    I've been making Extractions (or Renders if you like) for AF members and such, and I'm currently extracting characters from "Mario Hoops 3on3". I've extracted 9 of 12 downloaded images so far, and for the most part everything appears to be going well! ^ ^ I guess one might consider Mario Hoops 3on3 as a bit old-hat now given that it's a 5-year old DS game - but imo I don't see what age has do with great artwork, and I really like the style. I mean, for a Mario game it's very stylish and refreshing. Apparently, Gen Kobayashi is the designer behind the game artwork, and he's renowned for also designing the artwork behind another DS game called "The World Ends With You".
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    Oh you want to? You can if you want. hehehe
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    Yeah, I forgot... AF doesn't allow one to rep who they've already repped until one has given enough rep to other members in turn - or something like that... XD

    Oh well... aside from that, how are you?
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