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    Nah, I don't think Chinese would be difficult to learn, it's just that it would take a while to write, and I can be pretty impatient, lol. I scribble stuff down in English and German to the point where it's barely legible; I wouldn't want to do that to a complex language like Chinese.

    As for German, I've never heard anyone use the "sh" sound for "ch". o.o In some instances I'll exaggerate my pronunciation by adding that lovely hacking-to-death sound, but I generally just pronounce it as a soft "k". But like I said, it may be easier for me because my main European lineage is from Germany and the Netherlands, even though no one else in my family speaks any language other than English. :/

    I think Portuguese would be nice, but the only country I have much of an interest in in South America is Argentina, and Spanish is the dominant language there. The two are pretty similar, so I dunno if I'd wanna learn both. :B
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    I remember in my first German class, my teacher said I sounded like a natural with my accent (possibly because I'm primarily German/Dutch/Austrian? lol). I've grown up around Spanish and Japanese, so they're easy for me as well. It took me a week or so to get used to the accents and general pronunciations for Italian and French, but they're no problem for me now. As for Russian... I have no idea how I managed to pick up Russian so quickly. xD Mandarin interests me, but I enjoy writing, and it seems like Mandarin would be a real pain to write all the time. o_o;

    LOL, you said you wouldn't want to learn Thai? But that little snippet you just posted says "I love Thailand" (courtesy of Google Translate). It actually looks like a really elegant and flowing language, plus I've seen it on some Buddhist wall scrolls that my brother has. *puts Thai on list of languages to learn*
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    Lol really? I thought German and Japanese were the easiest. XD Once I finish my current studies, I plan on learning some more French and Arabic. Spanish would be nice, considering I live in an area that has a large Mexican population, but I can already understand a great deal. I just ... can't speak it. :P

    You'll have fun with Italian and Russian, I love those languages. >3 After a while I'll most likely learn some Swedish (for SuXrys, lol), Hindi, and Tagalog (Filipino).

    Well to be honest, I don't think there's a single language I wouldn't enjoy learning. ('_'; )
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    Excellent question! I took three years of German in High School (although I've forgotten quite a bit; I need to keep up with my studies, lol). I study Russian and Japanese on my own, and I'm taking an introductory course in Italian right now. I learn bits of French, Spanish, and Arabic from friends, but not enough to hold a conversation, unfortunately. D:

    In short, I'm an intermediate German and Japanese speaker, and a beginner in Italian and Russian. I should probably focus on just one or two instead of tackling half a dozen, but what can I say? I'm an over-achiever. \_( ツ)_/
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    *gasp* Another family member?! We must alert SuXrys so that she can buy more chairs! Hmm hmm, I'm not sure if I have room in my sig to add you, but I can try. =o What would you like to be? ^^
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    how are you?
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    hi =) like your avi
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    I remember you, i talked to you in chat a good while back. also thanks. How have you been?
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