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    I dont have cable at my apartment ^^ so like u i dont watch many TV shows either. I watch most things online. Iit's mostly anime anyway >_>; lol. Also i haven't found many TV shows (non-cartoon shows) that great. Stories some animes have just cant be compared and i feel most authors (book, film, etc.) dont have the talent to write that well.

    Yeah T_T; see i am horrible at trying to be someone else lol. I think it might even have opposite effect on me >.>; i feel id get really into it and take things very personally lol.

    Yeah that is very true. Your high school will control what college u go to. With me, my high school grades were average but somehow i was admitted into a very good college. So in my case >_>; i was given a great chance with my parents paying for everything also. I just messed it up because i wasnt serious. Everything before could have been better in many ways but i feel it wouldnt have made much of a difference in what im trying to achieve.
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    That was back when Nickolodean actually had great shows ^^. Now >_> i dont even know what they have. Other than spongebob everything is pretty bad T_T. Yes >.>; i still watch spongebob even at this age ^^ lol. I have never RPed o_o i dont know if i want to try either T_T lol. I feel like id be one of those people that sits and constantly rereads what he's about to post to make sure it doesnt sound stupid lol.

    There are some parts of high school like maybe joining a sports team or being more active with clubs i really missed out on and at times i feel it would be nice to go back. But i dont really care so much compared to my college life. I feel my life didnt start until college. It was that turning point where i really could have done something and gone so far if i was mature. This also includes other things also like going out more ^^. I just have to use this time i still have wisely. Same goes for u lol. I hope u dont end up working that kind of job long and find something u like.
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    I used to play outside when i lived in New York City ^^ (haha city life as a kid reminds me of Hey Arnold >.>; im SURE u remember it right? lol). When we moved to florida though i just spent most of my time in front of the TV ^^. I know what u mean about starting school career over. That's also what i want to do by being 18 again lol. I dont mind forgetting what i learned in school to make it fair but things i learned from life is invaluable. So i would love taking these lessons and have a restart. All of my school career though >_>; i dont think i could go through schooling before college. Having to dealing with all the immature kids would be too much lol.
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    Yeah it does look nice. It has a nice refreshing look lol. Hahahaha i have considered being a 6 year old again >.>; lol butt im pretty sure my parents would not like that very much ^^. No school would be great >_>; but i dont think i could handle watching dora the explorer or blue's clues lol. I just want another go at my dreams when im still young so i pick 18 T_T but i guess i'll just have to make do being my old age of 25 *cries in lonely corner counting wrinkles* lol >.> i hope i dont have any.
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    I know what u mean about being indecisive. That's like the story of my life >_>; lol. Usually with these things (desktop wallpaper, phone wallpaper, forum avatar, and so on) i want to choose something with a little meaning ^^. With my current avatar, there's no deep meaning other than i like the night sky and a girl standing with the wind blowing looks pretty lol. It looks kind of mysterous so i like it T_T;. So 10 years back means u joined when u were 17 lol. *sigh* i would love to be 18 or something again T_T lol.
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    lol wow only 4 times. Well 4 is a good number ^^. Im assuming they were all Kagome avys lol. Im always picky about choosing avys. It has to feel "right" >_>; whatever that manes lol. With my old account it was different though ^^. i think i joined this forum back in 2006 maybe? There i would change my profile theme whenever a friend made me a set. I used to make sets for them so they made sets for me lol.
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    I wasn't really asking u how long lol. It was more part of a reaction. It's been there so long that your profile doesnt seem like your profile anymore lol. I doubt i'll change my avatar, no idea where it's from though.
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    HOLY @#$! a new avatar! How long has it been xD lol.
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    ok cool hahah
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    hahahahhahaahha so wats new?
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