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    Hi people, I am new and I love inuyasha!!! I hope I can make friends with u guys, so we can talk about anime!!Xxx
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    3 times a year is a lot o_o;. Im sure u go to that big one in boston ^^ i got a friend in main that goes to it also. Maybe i should attend it also T_T; only >.>; i dont know if i could cosplay all of a sudden. Maybe i would have to feel the embarrassment of feeling out of place first ^^. Just how much is entrance fee. I hear it's expensive T_T;.
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    Hahahaha now i feel like i have no where near the amount of crazy to be in these conventions lol. That sounds so fun T_T. Everyday i feel if only i got involved with anime sooner >.>;. Dont u think anime makes for a great role model for children haha.

    I see so it sounds like an overall friendly place where everyone is looking forward to meeting some new people. How often do u go to these conventions?
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    Haha i dont think i could ever cosplay >.>; i would feel wayyyyyyyy too self conscious lol. People stopping me to take pictures would probably make it so much worse lol. But being surrounded by 10,000 nerds sounds kind of nice :P lol. So how do u meet people at those things anyway. Do u just go up to them and randomly start talking. I've always been so horrible at that >.>; i always feel like some kind of creep haha. What characters have u cosplayed as (besides kagome >.>; that's probably a given lol).
  5. Thank you very much dear.

    And sorry for the late reply.^^
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    yes i am and thax
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    Oh just rub it in my face that i dont have any anime friends in real life and that >_>; if i ever went to a convention i'll be that weirdo that will be by his lonesome self *cries in dark corner* lol :P. I've never been to a convention ever T_T; are they really that fun?

    Pffffff forget that >_> just watch one day i will create a time machine that makes me younger yep :P. MUHAHAHAHA yeah yeah then Ultimecia will have to add me as an exception to that >.>; haha. Well i dont really care about getting old as long as i find that girl to be with. I think that's true for many people that as long as they have whats improtant to them they will be content about aging.
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    ive been doing shcool work nd marrige prep
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    Yeah i guess that's pretty young. I think being a guy, i take advantage of a lot of things. Like i remember in college there were few times i watched 4 miles back to my apartment at 2 AM in the morning cause there were no buses that time. Im like wow T_T; if i were a girl this would be the stupidest idea ever lol. It was pretty scary no one was around >.>; lol.

    Ohhhh please dont say it T_T; i dont want to think about it. It makes me feel like some 70 year old man telling his grandson oh back in my day we didnt have cell phones. We had to call on these good old "home" phones and memorize our phone numbers lol xD. *sigh* I dont want to grow old >.>; lol.
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    Haha that is a great way of putting it. I think i was a fool to search out something i like. The best part is for almost EVERY interview, u have to show them that u are very excited and enthusiastic to work for them. >_>; Sometimes i just want to look at them and ask " u even like working here" lol.

    Hahahaha i thought that was hilarious how u said "so we would be surrounded in case either of u two turned out to be creepers" now if we ever meet in real life i'll probably wont stop laughing if u bring people with u. I bet that would make me look like a creeper even more hahahaha :P. I see so a nice childhood friend. I've moved around far too much to have any contact to childhood friends lol. Also >_>; unlike kids now i didnt have an "iphone" store their contacts lol. U know o_o; scary thing is i dont even remember seeing cell phones T_T; ohhhh i dont like thinking about this anymore lol.
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