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    You're the GFXr go to guy right? :3

    I was wondering how the admin was going to get back to me about registering, I kinda forgot already! heh...
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    Oh, I thought I posted a msg to that avast thing already. Blah. Stupid browser. ><

    I've never heard of a bot net virus, but I deleted my msn since my 'friends' turned out to not be friends at all. Since then everything's been cool though. lol ^^ All the friends I need are on forums. 2 so far, this one being one of 'em. I think 2 is good for me though, 3 or more would be spreading myself a little thin. ^^''

    But I've never heard of Avast till now either. I'll have to write that down in a notepad and on a post-it so I don't forget. Thanks! ^^

    Man, I'm so tired!! I've been tired like this since Friday. Blahh! ><! I don't want to sleep all day either. But if I don't I think I'll konk out while standing or something. xD Not ideal.
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    lol Sweet! x'D Do the Big Daddies hang around too? That'd be so cool Like having a really volatile bouncer. XD
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    Does it lag/crash on all BioShock 2 games? Not like it'll make a difference on me getting it/trying to get it. xD Just curious though. ^^

    I've got a laptop, but no antivirus for it. lol So I just use it for notes when I see some secrets that no one else has found yet, to hopefully send to some gaming helping site or just make a little mini-guide or something of my own. At the least I can use my flash drive to move my notes from my laptop to this bulky thing of a PC. xD I just got the laptop April of this year too, for my Birthday. Best birthday present I could've imagined! I didn't think we could afford one for me. ^^ AWESOME!! But since there's no ntivirus for it yet I turned the wireless for it off for now until we can find some guard against that malware stuff. lol No way I'm takin' chances with that thing. ^^
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    Well that's a way to feel better too. ^^ Maybe less costly too. lol Maybe I'll try that instead. xD ^^ What systems do you have by the way? I've got the PS2 with the PS3, since the Slim doesn't play PS2 games. And an NDS Lite, and Gameboy Advance. And one or two Gameboy Color games, but I just play those on my GBA. xD
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    >.0 Ouch! I've never had a game crash on me like that before on the PS3 Slim, I hope I'm not jinxing myself though. ^^'' But that's cool to hear about the story progression. It kind of sucks when they mess up the story in a sequel. Like they did with Devil May Cry 2, just branched off in a different direction than the 1st one entirely. o.o Still cool to play though. lol
    But I was imagining some huge thing as the Big Sisters for some reason. xD Just goes to show how wrong you can be. ^^'

    I'd be throwing all kinds of 'bombs' for a few seconds if I spent that long in a chapter with that much progress, then the game crashed on me without a save. xD When it comes to games I can get pretty into it. ^^' And when stuff like that happens, it sucks so much that I feel like not playing to calm down, but I can't stop. XD A glutton for frustration I guess? That must be new. lol
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    Scarier like bigger or just plain meaner? ^^'' Or both? lol Either way that one Big Daddy that made me flinch I wasn't expecting to come from where he did. >< But they did a good job making that game, I'm usually not into games like that but it's fun(well, except when I kept dying. lol) So does BioShock 2 follow up on the story pretty closely?
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    Well I had a lot of nicknames, Temperance, Shining Persistence, Jump_for_luck, jumpforluck77, and I think that was all XD
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    Just an old member that knew you back then.
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    Ic. I went to sleep.
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