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    Pretty hard to find VNs with Japanese voice imo, most of them are not translated. There are fan-translated ones, but the good translated ones are very few. I might need to download that, but I need to learn first. Haha, no, I don't know the term moba until I googled it. I don't really play moba games myself. Some people told me to play lol, but no, thank you. I'd rather play good ol' MMOs where I can go on adventures and see those beautiful places. Haha, since you do follow moba, you must play lol too, I assume. Haha, yeah, it's fun to watch games, though I wouldn't link it to sport since I don't enjoy sport that much. Sigh, money is always a problem. It's not easy to save money, especially for a spendthrift like me. Good luck with your job so you can save up money to go to school. I'm thinking of getting back to school but not soon, maybe 2 to 3 years later.
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    I never play JP VNs unless they are already translated like YoJinBo. Fully voiced in Japanese. I like original JP voice rather than dubbed versions. Most of the time it annoys the crap out of me when I play Japanese games with English dubs. There are some VNs that I played that I need to change my region to Japanese to be able to play. It's really a hassle but what to do, it's so I can play the game, haha.. What software do you use to translate? I was googling moba to see what it is, got me confused because there was a web that I used to go that was called mobamingle (moba in short) and it was closed down. I'm bad at moba, I guess. As an online player, I play casually and not competitive at all, so moba genre isn't for me. In 21 years, I'll have those pesky white hair, haha.. Bah, my drawing ability is almost zero myself, plus I'm rusty. I don't really draw much now. If it's something you wanna do, then why not go back to school?
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    People who dislike reading won't like VN. I played Clannad VN, but it was fan-made and while it's maybe interesting, I don't understand much. I think I have to watch Clannad to understand. I play mostly VNs that are available on the net, since it's pretty much a hassle to order VNs from the internet. We don't have much games available here anyway, much less VNs. Most games that are available here are mostly mainstream, like fifa or gta, which I don't play. 2035?! Haha, I'd be old and grey by then. xD On PC, hmm, Sims 3 for now. Sims 4 is out but look at that price. ._. At least you keep up with what's popular. I honestly don't. I watch what my sister watches, and I'm easily distracted by other things, lol. Right now, I'm in the middle of learning Illustrator. It's for a new job I got. I've never played with Illustrator before so I'm like a baby now. But since graphic is something that I like, I think I'll be fine.
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    Haha, I rarely know people who enjoy VN. I think it's because it's more reading than action. I personally like reading stories, especially if it's interesting. I haven't watched Clannad, let alone play the VN. ^^; But if you're playing it multiple times, it must be interesting. I'll try watching the anime later if I can find it. I'm actually learning how to make VN but I don't think I'll ever finish it, considering I'm always procrastinating. It's bad. Haha, I enjoyed watching sister played Akiba Strip. I don't have PS3 and my sister is too stingy to lend hers, so I don't play any PS3 games. Sure I've heard Attack on the Titans but I never watch it. I haven't watched anime in a while to be exact. Last anime that I watched was Sword Art Online. I've heard of Madoka and Tokyo Ghoul but not watch them. XD Suddenly I feel so outdated. ._.
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    I like picking my own gender. xD Persona 3 has a good storyline, both male and female. Well, only the character relationships are affected, not the whole story. Still, it's nice. I like games that have social interactions that can affect endings or someone we're with. I wish they can bring more games like Thousand Arms and Azure Dreams. Maybe it's because I like visual novel and dating sim, haha. It's fun getting all the different endings. I watch my sister play Akiba Strip, you have to strip people to kill them, haha. The protagonist has a reason for stripping though, so it's understandable, though it is still weird. Haha, I know, it was just night phase 1 and the next, you got purified. The game ended before it even started for you. ._. I'm sitting out the next game though. I don't know Attack on the Titans. Last game was fun, even though I died, haha.
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    I thought I've already replied, sorry. o.o Personally I like guy characters who are strong but have a weak spot, haha. I like the protagonist in Persona 3, male and female. I don't like characters that are too strong willed. I guess you could say I like cool, mysterious protagonists. True, most females have unique abilities and weapons. Most of males have blades or swords and the likes, it's so common. I watched my sister playing Akiba Strip, it looks fun. If it's like GTA but nice story like Akiba Strip, then I wouldn't mind playing it. Haha, I grew up playing Silent Hill and Resident Evil too, but I didn't play them when I'm alone. I played Fatal Frame until I got stuck because the cd was no good, so I never finished playing it. Oh no, I don't like dubs, it mostly ruins the game. >,> Lol, I've hit word limits countless times, lol. So what do you think of the wolf game?
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    Rhapsody was a cute rpg, and the protagonist was a girl. Before, most protagonists were men, so it was a nice change of atmosphere. That, and the songs were cute. Yup, true, but apparently PS1 games are not sold anymore. Not here anyway. Besides, I'd never found an original CD of PS1 games here, they were all pirated. ^^; Cheap, yeah, but no cover arts whatsoever. It's kinda regretful. Nah, not action rpg, more like GTA or Yakuza. Lots of fighting. I'm not a fan of that, except if it's horror, and only if I'm not the one playing, lol. I played Ku-on before and it freaked me out in less than 30 minutes, so no more, haha. I don't know, maybe because they don't like too much story cutscenes? I know some people dislike reading, haha. W-why? T_T
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    Why are we not friends yet? :O *clicks on Add as Friend*
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    Aaand I'm done with my 2D rpg on android. I guess I must've missed playing old rpgs so much that I finished playing it in 4 days. I'd never had the luxury for nintendo or gameboy when I was a kid, haha. My parents never did buy console games for their kids. Those games, I remember playing them too. The first rpg that I finished playing was Rhapsody, haha. Vagrant Story, ugh, it's good but I never finished playing it because I got stuck in the puzzles, lol. Last time, I got ps1 emulator and play FFVIII on pc, but I had to reformat PC and it's all gone now. True, we used to have more pirated stuff sold here, haha, but now I just download most of them online. The original and pirated ones are pretty hard to find here. Internet is the only solution. You know, I've never had guy friends here who like rpgs. Most of them just like adventure games. >.> Yup, thanks, just a couple of days more and I'll be as good as new, haha. I can't wait for wolf game to start!
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    I rage too when I play RPGs, happens when I got killed by boss, ugh. x@ I agree! Final Fantasy series has good storyline way back, I remember FFVIII was my first RPG that I played, good graphic + good storyline. FF series has good storyline until FFX. After that, graphic got better but storyline was boring. I miss good rpgs like Thousand Arms and Suikoden in PS1, they were so good. T_T And cheap, lol. Games these days are just too expensive but sometimes not worth it. Haha, now that I think about it, you're right. XD My sister took me to Japanese restaurant few days ago. I like sushi and stuff but it felt tasteless, my tastebuds weren't working and I couldn't enjoy good food. T_T Cheap soup is good, can't eat expensive food anyway, what to do, sigh.
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