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    First of all, sorry I've been so caught up with life, so this takes a while. I think I was the one who brought up the subject, lol. I think it's possible too. I mean, I've read about zombie ants. They became like that because of parasite or something. They can be dead but they still move. I sure hope the reanimation thing plan doesn't go wrong. I sure hope I don't live in zombie apocalypse era, haha..
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    Agree, it's no fun not being able to be in control. Yup, at least most of the mythical creatures aren't ugly, haha.. Well, except for trolls, ogres, witches and the like, lol. I fancy fairies by the way. Remind me why we're talking about supernaturals. XD Out of curiousity, do you think it's possible for zombies to exist?
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    Haha, true. I watched Deliver Us From Evil recently. I guess it's pretty nasty, especially if we get possessed. Wouldn't wanna experience that. When I was in secondary school, there were times when some of the girls in school got possessed. It wasn't exactly pretty, so no thank you to supernatural beings that can possess you. ._.
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    I've heard about throwing a pinch of salt to avoid bad luck, but we don't practice it here. What we do is just we sprinkles some salt near the windows. Lol, I hope it will work too. I mean, I've never experienced bad spirits firsthand, so I have no way of knowing. Iron? Hmm, it's doubtful, I've never heard about that before. Vengeful spirits are just devils, I guess.
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    I think I'm more the type of person who's afraid of things that I can't see, haha.. I do get scared of gore things, but that's not likely to happen here, I guess. Ah, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to happen. I hope it won't, but I'll think of something if it really happens. >,> Have you eer experienced anything supernatural? We use salt here too. Strange. I watched Japanese horror movies and they use salt too. Why salt? Why not sugar? I like sugar more, and they almost look the same. :>
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    I like the idea of living alone, but to actually live alone, well, I can't imagine. I have an active imagination and I'm paranoid of ghosts, haha, me and my hyperactive brain. >,> Well, if I were you, I wouldn't take another loan, as tempting as it sounds. I mean, it's better to have the money first than taking loans. It's easier said than done though. ._.
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    Do you live alone? I can't imagine living alone with my monthly wage. I can barely pay for myself, let alone paying for rent amd bills. It's a cruel world out there if you're not rich. When are you thinking of going back to school?
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    True, it's pretty hard to find a good job nowadays. Most of the work out there has low pay. I mean, I don't go to uni and get degree just to work in shops and restaurants. And here, working in retail has low pay compared to other jobs, with exception of cleaners, of course. Too bad it's hard to find another job when my experience is just in retail. True, paying back loans is troublesome. I've a cousin in Malaysia who can't leave the country until he pays back all of his education loan, and he's 30. What with all of the taxes to be paid. It's harder to live now especially with this higher standard of living. In my country, I don't have to pay education loan, so I'm lucky, but I sigh looking at my monthly wage, haha..
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    I've never worked anywhere besides retail. I mean, it's either shop assistant or cashier or waitress. It's really boring and the pay is too low. It's not worth it. I've never tried getting myself laid off or fired, haha.. Wouldn't it be bad for your work record? :x
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    Teach me photoshop skills too. =p I've never taken any art class or graphic designs before, only took 3D design class before, and I sucked majorly, haha.. I work at retail but it's really boring and stagnant. Right now, I'll hang on for a few months before quitting. I'll look for a new job in the meantime.
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