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wat do you like about vocaloid?

  1. konkikushuro
    i like just about every aspect!
  2. My Name is Ian.
    My Name is Ian.
    Its variation. Nothing less. 8D
  3. Raniyukibrown
    The music and everything eles
  4. noir_charisma1109
    hmm the fact that the music is absolutely exceptional and amazing (favourite composers include Deco*27, hachi, wowaka, ryo, supercell, etc. (too many to list and even mention) ).. anyone a member of Nico Nico?
  5. Skilero
    The great music and detailed characters!!!

    I am a vocaloid otaku, after all!
  6. marvelangga
    @noir: I'm a Nico Nico member (i.e. I have an account on it)
  7. Sucena
    They have amazing music with various genre! The character are cool too! ^^
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