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Favorite Pokemon Ever

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  1. MiscPsychopath
    Espeon. I am a big fan of all the Eevee forms. But I love my Espeon. So cute. =^_^=
  2. Elukien
    Oh dear, I could make a very long list here. Lets see...Blastoise, Magneton, Vaporeon and Gardevoir.
  3. Gheroes48
    My's is:
    Lucario, Celebi, Pikachu, Gardevior, Gallade, Riolu. I'm mostly a psychic type trainer but I make room for thses pokemon.
  4. dango-chan
    I think my favorite is Lugia! I think my favorite types are water and psychic.
  5. SuXrys

    Before it was monkey and Cubone but right now its Eevee.
    Its soo cute!

    Look at this video. Its so funny

  6. Dark Lord
    Dark Lord
    Kadabra is my bro forever.
  7. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
    I agree with SuXrys-eon! xD
  8. Splitzle
    Oh, it's Infernape. Not that anyone would've guessed that...XD
  9. Nowi
    You can't deny this cute little bugger.
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