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Which Dango are you~

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  1. .:neuko:.
    Oh, that's great! Thanx! ^ ^

    Oh... you can't see it? o_0 Hmm... I guess that's because it's linked to an album in my profile, which was set to "Private", but since you said you couldn't see the pic I've changed the privacy level of the album to "Public", so hopefully you can see it now, yes?
  2. Xangsong
    That is so cute!

    I wish I could use my computer, so I could edit my own - instead of having other peeps do the work.
  3. .:neuko:.
    Why, thank you for the complement! :3
  4. Lily Hayashi
    Lily Hayashi
    Can i be the crona dango...?
  5. I A
    I A
    Okay, I might use the Len Kagamine Dango, but what do you guys think a Role-Playing Dango would look like? Perhaps if someone could make me a dango with several masks next to it or something (also wearing one while trying the others) or something like that. :P
  6. Bamboobowl

    I'm the panda dango.
  7. SuXrys
    @Bamboo. Hahah how adorable!

    @YaoiBlossom Yeah I think it's hard to make a role-playing dango in any other way, but Im not so great with these things either so I dont really know o_O
  8. Sizary Momo
    Sizary Momo
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