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Hosting Two Games at the Same Time

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  1. Kaitou+
    Okay, so seriously, we need to host two games at the same time, I would say more but I guess two is already hard enough to keep up for some of us. I think we can pull this off as things may get boring for some players that died off early in the game, and if that happens they have a second game to look on. It's also a way so players get better at the game. What we can do is maybe, let's say on Monday Wolf A can start and on Tuesday, Wolf B can start. So it would be Day Phase in one and when Night Phase hits, it will be Day Phase on the second game.If you agree say "Aye" if you disagree well, you can...just kidding, say "Ney". =)

    Approve 12 (Kaitou, Daken, dark_butterfly, Loki, Xey, MaruDashi, animeyay, TwilightWolf, Furore, Reina, maverickgirl, GAZKUL)
  2. Daken.
    Aye (:
  3. Syaoran
    Durr you little pigger. Anywho I don't care so "Aye".
  4. Archaic Devices
    Archaic Devices
    I like the idea.
  5. Xeyuzio
  6. Ωmega
    Hmmm, Im up for it, but at the same time against it. Players might cross games, but I guess if the themes are different enough it shouldnt be a problem. Its also great for those voted out early on in one game, they can continue to play in the other. HOWEVER, I *do* think that game B should start like a few days- week after the game A sign up starts
  7. animeyay
    Sure? XD
    I just hope I have enough brain capacity for that haha
  8. ZombieWolf2508
    Awesome idea, so long as they don't get too hectic >.>
  9. Furore
    Sounds good to me.
  10. Rei
    Shounin desu.
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