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  1. Shini
    yoohoo's chocolate milk made by the Gods
  2. Shinn Kamiyra
    Shinn Kamiyra
    If Yoo-hoo is a gift of the Gods, it is but a gift for children. Lay your eyes upon a Yoo-hoo crafted 'specially for we adults, Chocovine.
  3. Shini
    i'm not gonna lie, that seems awesome. two years from now remind me to order that
  4. Eris
    If coffee isn't black as midnight and bitter as death, it's not coffee. Get your vaguely coffee-flavored soft drinks out of here.
  5. Shini
    *puts vaguely coffee-flavored soft drinks on Eris' desk*. or wherever you do your modding
  6. Eric1
    Eris does her modding in another dimension of space-time; it is highly inaccessible
  7. Shini
    oh, it's like that secret meeting place in the JLA headquarters where Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman hang out, a small pocket of space that's undetectable
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