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Picture competition

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  1. aether
    I thought that some sort of competition was needed between us so this I came up with.
    The rules are simple no pornagraphic images but everything else is ok
  2. Elukien
    Nice one but I believe this one beats it.
  3. aether
    hmmmm I dunno guess we'll have to wait for MK
  4. Elukien
    Well if we were scoring this then my pic would win in the cute section.
  5. Meteorkeeper
    Hmm there both good but I think it would make far more sense if we set a topic and then chose a pic for said topic and the best one will win.

    Some example topics would be like cute, cool, serous, or we could get even more specific and go with ones like pokemon or other anime.
    What do you guys think?

    Haven’t you guys learned that gif’s always beat jpg's lol:

  6. Elukien
    That sounds pretty good to me.

    If I knew that then I wouldn't have a jpg file as a avatar.
  7. aether
    Thats awesome and declare MK the winner of this round ^^ and as the winner you get to set the perameters of the next round
  8. Elukien
    Dude, thats just being lazy.
  9. aether
    Nope its using your initiative ^^
  10. Meteorkeeper
    Very well I choose...(let me see something I have on me right now)...Artistic pics:

    I hope wallpapers are allowed.
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