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Its war people

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  1. aether
    So heres the plot of this thread:

    You are in power of your country and the U.N has dissolved leaving every Nation at war with each other and new alliances being forged and old ones being forgotten.

    As leader you must decide which nations to invade, which to form new alliances with and which to leave alone
  2. Elukien
    Considering that you and I both share England, I propose an alliances between us otherwise it will lead to civil war. Making us both weak and we don't want that, do we?
  3. Meteorkeeper
    I would just find the big shiny red button that blew everything up and press it.
    DEATH TO THE WORLD Mwahahaha...jk
    I really don’t know enof about this topic to make a informed decision, I just know both China and Russia would be a problem.
  4. Elukien
    Lol you psychopath.
    That they would also so would North Korea along with the people of the Middle-East.
  5. Meteorkeeper
    Indeed it would be a race to see who can take down the US first lol.
  6. Elukien
    You guys make loads of enemies don't you?
  7. aether
    Yes indeed we should form a truce to protect our sovereign nation, I'd say we declare war on the french as we love our wars with the french
  8. Meteorkeeper
    Indeed we do it's because we cant help but meddel in other peoples bussness.
  9. aether
    That much is true ^^
  10. Elukien
    Yeah!! Attack the toads!!
    Indeed it is.

    You know, when I first saw the "Its war people" I thought "Holy crap! We are at war? with who?"
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