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Video Games

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  1. Elukien
    I'm sure there has been some games that you have played and really want to talk about it. Now here's your chance.

    So basically we just talk about video games that we have enjoyed over the years or would like to play and why etc. Anyone got a game they want to talk about?
  2. aether
    Lately the only game I've been playing is fallout new vegas
  3. Elukien
    I think I heard from a friend or my sister that New Vegas wasn't that good or something.
  4. Meteorkeeper
    It has it's moments but it wasn't as good as fallout 3, still fun though.
  5. aether
    Oh I agree but the add-ons are different though, shame the chinese stealth armour doesn't work like in number 3 but beggers can't be choosers
  6. Meteorkeeper
    To true

    And man they buffed the hell out of deathclaws.
    You cant even begin to take one on untill way late in the game.
  7. aether
    They're kinda like the super mutant bohemouth unless you find a good amount of stealth boys and get a good sniping gun, make sure you have plenty of steady as well and rack up those headshots
  8. Meteorkeeper
    Know what works well on them that plasma sniper rifle...rail gun comes to mind but I don’t think that’s right.
    I beat the legendary death claw with that...had to cripple his legs first with mines but it worked none the less.
  9. aether
    Never came across the legendary deathclaw, came across a legendary cazadore in ruby mines where you can find an enclave power armour helmet. And if you cross the colarodo river there will be a path up to a deathclaw infested area (not marked on map so gotta just find it) but you'll be able to gain the main part of the power armour there. Although it sometimes don't appear so just keep trying, or if you have arcade gannon and you take him to several places he'll tell you his family was part of the enclave and once you get the former members together they'll give you the full suit of armour I think and if you convince arcade to stay at the fort he'll give you the Tesla version of the armour
  10. Meteorkeeper
    If you do the missions for the underground battle arena you will eventually be asked to find death claw eggs. You then will get to choose one of two locations to get them choose the cave.
    Hidden inside near the queen death claw is the Legendary one he tends to off you in one to two hits so it is necessary you cripple his legs first with mines then he's easy pickings.
    Be shore to take out all other death claws first they will get in the way as you are backing away while shooting him.
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