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  1. Elukien
    I fail to see how fish could be the answer.
  2. aether
    Actually I do see where the answer came from although the temperature part throws you off
  3. Meteorkeeper
    Alive without breath,: Fish don't breath they filter small amounts of O2 out of the water
    As cold as death,: Fish are cold to the touch
    Clad in mail never clinking,: They have scales
    Never thirsty, ever drinking: Fish don't get thirsty but they are always taking in water
    What am I?

    Hope that helped.
  4. Elukien
    That helps but I'm still struggling to see how a fish could be the answer.
  5. aether
    Makes even more sense now
  6. Elukien
    Any whom, It's about time I did a riddle:

    I am said by one letter.
    I'm spelled with three.
    2 Letters in me.
    Im double or single,
    Or brown, blue, or green.
    I'm read from both ends,
    And the same the other way.
    What am I?
  7. aether
    too complicated for this time of night
  8. Elukien
    Never stop us before.
  9. aether
    Well these will be my last few posts for a week as tommorow morning I'll be off to Cyprus for a week with family
  10. Elukien
    I see, well I hope that you have fun at Cyprus.
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