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Limerick poetry

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  1. SigmaSD
    Limerick poetry is a type of poetry that goes aabba. For more info on the style, visit here.

    Here's an example I came up with.

    You are the one from my dreams.
    We will be happy, it seems.
    You are a beauty,
    I am a cutey,
    And our love will conquer all things.
  2. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Awwz! That was a great limerick!! <3

    Roses are red
    Has already been said
    Violets are blue
    But you've already heard that too
    So I'll write you another poem instead...

    Crazy is what you make me
    Amazing is something you'll always be
    You're the sun
    who has won
    over my heart and dreams.
  3. SigmaSD
    Your words are what gets my heart pumping.
    My love and my feelings keep jumping.
    Yes you are the one,
    Who's heart I have won.
    And now I can't help but start flying.
  4. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    You lift my life, you lift my spirit
    Our love song is loud, I hope everyone can hear it
    I am your double, you are my half
    Together we erased the darkness of the past
    Your name will always be tattooed on my heart and no one can clear it.
  5. SigmaSD
    It seems like the skies heard my cry,
    An angel came down from the sky.
    You filled me with hope,
    Though I was a dope
    But now we can both soar so high.
  6. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    You're a starfish
    Yes you ish
    You're my moon
    You're my balloon
    sending me to new heights, you answered my wish.
  7. Anime-Prince
    My heart's playing strings
    A symbol of things
    Like poetry in tune
    With power to swoon
    From the emotion it brings.
  8. Hachisuka Goro
    Hachisuka Goro
    I barely joined, but I wish I could make as great poetry as you.
  9. Kirei Shijin
    Kirei Shijin
    Ausky: Try it! You can make great poetry.
  10. Megamind's Minion
    Megamind's Minion
    i was looking at the sky
    wondering if i should give this a try
    i hope i will do no wrong
    and write a wonderful song
    that will not make you try...

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