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The Temple

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  1. Ellxeeva
    Okay okay, anything bothering you? Feel free to tell me your troubles. Yeah, seriously....
    As the Priestess, I shall refresh your soul....

    or not!
  2. Elukien
    What if you have no soul, what can you do then?
  3. brolyx74
    Nothing is bothering me. I'm and always awesome. I posted here hoping that maybe my awesomeness will rub off on some of the people who come here.
  4. Elukien
    Aha i was born awesome but thank you anyway YokoKuwabara.
  5. Ellxeeva
    Ehh, if you have no soul, then I shall refresh your body... if you have no body then I shall refresh your mind... if you have no mind then... Errrr!
  6. brolyx74
    If you have no body soul or mind, you probably wouldn't be able to get to the temple.
  7. Ellxeeva
    Stop killing me, Mike. -___-

    Hoo hoo hoo...
  8. Kylesico912
    Sits on pillow and preys
  9. Elukien
    Wouldn't be able to talk to you guys ether. But don't worry i still got my Mind and Body
  10. Ellxeeva
    What's troubling you little one? @Midget
    Oh, why are you dressed as a girl mister bodyguard? @Ensi

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