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Welcome to the AnimeForum [dot] Com chat FAQ. This guide will help you familiarize with our chat system with all it's features and options.

There are several things you need to know about this particular chat:
  1. The first prime
  2. The chat rules
  3. The chat features
  4. The chat robots
  5. The staff members

The first prime

The first prime

The chat is a JAVA-based chat system developed by RealChat Software. It works inside your browser and needs a plug-in developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc. called Java Virtual Machine to run. You can download the plug-in for free from here. When you have this and if you are not behind a firewall, you can freely proceed to the link at the top of the page (in the navigation bar) and start chatting, otherwise you will have to open port 443 in your firewall first.

Once you have your computer set up, you can access the chat. Before entering, make sure you read the rules to avoid issues. Mind, by entering chat you agree to follow them, regardless if you read them or not. If you are not a registered user you will have to specify your user name before entrance is granted (or be the victim of our name generator). Be advised the bots kick for inappropriate names.

Inside the chat you have 4 rooms to choose from. Each room with the exception of Misc Chat can be accessed freely and has it's own robot which will make sure you follow the rules. Misc chat requires you to buy a ticket from the robots with the forum money (points), otherwise the robot inside will kick you out of chat immediately.
NOTE: Unregistered users cannot have money on the forum, which makes them unable to access Misc Chat.

The rules

The chat rules

If you decide to enter the forum's chat you agree to follow these simple rules. They are pretty straightforward and involve much common sense, so you don't have to be scared of them. If you have any questions about them you are free to ask any staff member for further explanation, while complaints should be taken to the Site Administrators.

Article 1 - No Cursing (See Appendix A for penalties)
  1. This includes about anything not found in a 1970's Disney G rated movie. This does include words in other languages. If you are uncertain about a word, then do not use it. The only exceptions are listed in Part B, which fall under the restrictions of Part C. Penalties for their use will determine on the level of the curse, and circumstance, which are left for the admin on-site to decide;
  2. 'damn' and 'hell' are current exceptions to Article 1, restricted under Part C;
  3. The allowed words must be used in moderation, above 5 uses will constitute a curse, falling under Part A of this article;
  4. The attempt to censor out anything that would fall under Part A of this Article, but still clearly identifiable as an inapropriate term is considered as falling under Part A, with apropriate penalties. This includes abbreviations, such as 'stfu' or 'fu'.
Article 2 - No flooding (See Appendix B for penalties)
  1. This includes the following:
    • Multiple lines in quick succesion;
    • URL's to other sites or message boards posted more then once in a five minute period;
    • Advertisements of other chats;
    • Multiple phrases in rapid succession, whether RPG or otherwise.
  2. 'Slow' flooding (flooding slowly enough not to set off the automatic flood filter) falls under Part A of this article;
  3. Flooding in PC, if proven, falls under parts a and b, and will be punished accordingly.
Article 3 - Usernames (See Appendix C for penalties)
  1. Usernames fall under Article 1 for inapropriate language, but also have the following constraints:
    • Nothing of sexual or suggestive nature is allowed, this includes, but is not limited to:
      • 'sexy';
      • 'hot';
      • 'baby';
      • 'cyber' when it can be interpreted to refer to cybersex.
    • 'cute' is allowed.
  2. Usernames which can be considered to be impersonating an admin are prohibited:
    • Any obvious likeness of an admin's (Here defined as a Site Administrator, or Admin level user) name;
    • An admin's name with numbers preceeding, following, inserted into it, or substituted for letters;
    • An admin's name with a derogatory, sarcastic or inapropriate phrase or word attached;
    • Any obvious attempt to use an admin's name.
    NOTE: The admin in question may grant an individual permission to use the name.
Article 4 - Appropriate Behavior (See Appendix D for penalties)
  1. The following are considered inapropriate conversation topics:
    • Chat 'smoking' or doing 'drugs' or references to either;
    • Truth or Dare or other games of that nature;
    • Due to the immature nature of such things, sex related conversations are considered inapropriate in this chat. This includes:
      • Wandering around / having parties (etc) in your birthday suit;
      • Comparing the relative size of each-other's 'attributes';
      • Doing anything in main chat that is explicit or suggestive in nature.
  2. Conversations on Religion:
    • Religious conversations are not banned outright, but have the following guidelines:
      • You must be respectful of the viewpoints of others;
      • Specific religious insults are not tolerated;
      • Arguing a pro-religion POV is *not* the same as trying to convert you;
      • Neither 'Your G-d is DEAD' nor 'You will BURN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY' are respectful.
  3. Racial, sexual, religious, ethnical or other slurs are PROHIBITED. This does NOT include:
    • Accepted names (Christian, Jew, Gay, White, Black, Hispanic, etc) However:Continual use of such accepted names in derogatory or insulting fashion will be considered as breaking Part C of this article. Also:Being part of a particular ethinical, racial, religious or other group does not allow you to use the slurs commonly directed at the group.
  4. Cybering (cybersex) is prohibited. In cases of cybering in private chats, it is logged, and automaticaly highlighted for our attention. It will be dealt with, and both parties can expect to be banned on their next entry into chat;
  5. Follow nettiquete when in chat, this includes, but is not limited to:
    • No capital letters. Talking in all caps is prohibited, and grounds for immediate action:
      • Over three words in caps in a line of text are considered breaking this rule;
      • In a similar vein, smilies/icons in chat are disruptive as well, and limited to three per line;
      • If all the words on a line are in caps, then two words is the limit;
      • Admins may use caps, if neccesary.
    • Be respectful of other chatters and admins;
    • Harrassing a chatter or admin on the basis of physical, mental or any other disability;
    • If you can't spell or type grammaticaly, don't be angry if people can't understand you, English may not be your first language, but this is an English primary chat, and if you are going to be here, you should make the minimal effort to use the language properly.
  6. Conversations should be kept to English and Japanese, unless there is an admin in chat who understands another language, then it too is allowed. Conversations in other languages have to follow all articles of these rules, without exceptions.
Article 5 - Behavior towards admins (See Appendix D for penalties)
  1. Chatters are not allowed to ignore admins. Doing so is an offence that falls under Article 6, Appendix E:
    • If a chatter is seen to only listen to a particular admin, it is also considered to be ignoring an admin, and is considered rule breaking;
    • Running away from an admin (ie repeatedly changing a room when an admin enters) can, based on circumstance, be considered ignoring an admin.
  2. Chatters who are seen repeatedly attempting to provoke or harrass admins, may be considered in violation of these rules as well.
Article 6 - Rule Applications (See Appendix E for penalties)
  1. Rules mainly apply in open chat and only partly in Private chat (hereafter referred to as P.C.);
  2. Rules always apply anytime the chat is running, even when an admin is not present. When admins are not present the logs will be reviewed and anyone caught breaking the rules will be subject to penalties noted in Appendixes A through D;
  3. Those who break the rules repeatedly forego their rights to penalties noted in Prenoted appendixes and are subject to penalties noted in Appendix E;
  4. It does not apply if someone else was not warned for an act earlier for something that is against the articles previously, or hereafter, stated;
  5. Those caught of repeated rule breaking are at first subject to a one warning eject. If the rule breaking continues then they are subject to a kick/ban on sight;
  6. The rules, Articles and Appendixes found here are subject to change without notice, and any modifications go into effect immediately on being designed, not on them being added to this list.
    NOTE: A verbal notification from an admin of a rule change is a courtesy, and breaking of said change is immediately punishable within these articles as well.

  • Appendix A:
    Breaking of Article 1 will be followed by up to three warnings (a warning from here on, defined as an Oral, a Warning pop-up box, a 1 minute Freeze, or a Kick) followed by a Ban. Habitual breaking of Article 1 may fall under Appendix E for penalties;
  • Appendix B:
    Flooding as defined in Article 2, is immediately penalized by a Freeze, Kick or a Ban, depending on length. Slow flooding, or url advertising may be given a pop-up or oral warning;
  • Appendix C:
    Inapropriate usernames are given from 1 to 20 seconds to change names, depending on severity and then Kicked. On the second inapropriate name, they may be Banned;
  • Appendix D:
    Violations of Article 4 Part A Sections 1 and 2 not including 2.3, Part B, Part C Section 2, Part E, Part F, and Article 5 (all parts) are given up to three warnings, followed by a Ban. Violations of Part A section 2.3, Part C not including Section 2, and Part D is immediately penalized by a Freeze, Kick or a Ban depending on severity;
  • Appendix E:
    Habitual offenders are automaticaly given increased severity, and penalties increase accordingly, so the standard Warning levels will not apply. Individuals creating problems for prolonged time periods will be considered for a long-term ban, lasting upwards of a week, with a month being the most common length;
  • Appendix F:
    These rules are to be considered the complete listing of what is allowed, but only a partial listing of what is not allowed.

Just remember: Ignorance of the rules does not make you immune from them.

The features

The chat features

General information

You see what other people are saying displayed in the main chat window. Below the main chat window, there is a line where you can type what you want to say in the room. Hit the Enter key or the Send button to say what you have typed on the line.

RealChat Client - User Interface Elements
User interface buttons

Font Styles:
These buttons control the way other users see the style (bold/italic etc..) of any text you type.

A new window will open when this button is clicked allowing you to choose different colors for your nickname and the text you type.

A new window will open when this button is clicked containing a bunch of little pictures. Underneath each picture you will see a code (// followed by a number). If this code is typed into the main chat area or in a private message FOLLOWED BY A SPACE. The code is replaced by the image the code related to. You can also click on any of the pictures.

Who, where:
Simply gives you a list of all users on the system and what rooms they are in.

Clicking this button will set you in 'away' state. A message will be broadcasted saying that you are away for a while. Clicking this button again will set you in 'back' state. A message will be broadcasted saying that you are back again.

Clears the chat window.

Provides a way for you to save the text of the chat session.

Brings up this help window.

Exit chat session.

Click on the nickname of the person who you wish to ignore. Then click the Ignore button. You will notice that the person's nickname will appear in plain text instead of the default bold style. This now means that you will no longer see any messages from that person. Clicking ignore a second allow you to receive messages from the person again.

Private message:
Click on the nickname of the person you wish to send a private message to. Then click the PM button. A new window will open. Typing into the text area of this window will send text that only that particular user will see. Clicking the Profile tab in this window will toggle the showing of the person's user details. Double clicking the user's nickname will also activate this function.

User profile:
Click on the nickname of the person you wish to view their user information. Then click the Profile button. A new window will open containing the person's details.

Emotions & Emote User:
Pressing this button creates a new list to the bottom of the nicknames list in the chat window. You will see a list of actions that you may perform on yourself (by double clicking the emotion) or on another user (by clicking the emotion, the person's nickname and then Emote User button). Clicking the Emotions button again will remove the emotions list.

Tip: You can create your own custom emotion by starting anything you type with a colon ( : ) character.

User interface tabs

Chat Tab:
This tab contains the main window where chat messages appear.

Rooms Tab:
You may chat in various rooms on RealChat. Each room has a particular topic or genre that you may wish to join in chatting on. Rooms Tab displays a list of all available rooms followed by the subject of that room and the amount of users in there. Simply select the room you wish to join and click on Change Room.

Settings Tab:
From this tab you can specify various options on how the chat room looks, feels and sounds. Please note that any changes you make here apply only to you, they do not affect the way others see any text you may type.

Profile Tab:
From this tab you can add/update infromation about yourself you want to share with others. Clicking the Apply button will announce your profile to the chat server and will, on some browsers, save the information so you won't need to enter it again next time you log in.

Extra Useful Information

Clickable links:
You may type a link such as or in the chat room. Any text like this will be converted into a web browser style clickable link. Any user that clicks the text with the mouse will open a new browser window and display the url. Note that this website (AnimeForum [dot] Com) needs to be in the white-list of your browser's pop-up blocker for links to be opened.

Chat Commands:
The chat client also supprts some extra IRC-like commands:
/date or /time - Tells you the time on the server you use;
/clear - Clears all text in the chat window;
/who - Gives you a list of all users on the system and what rooms they are in;
/me {action text} - Create your own custom emotion;
/whois {nickname} - Shows details about someone;
/msg {nickname} {message} - Send a private message to this user without opening a private window;
/join {room} or /goto {room} - Join specified room;
/ping - pings the server and prints out the roundtrip;
/echo {line} - simply dispay the line without sending it to server;
/ping - Pings the server and prints out the roundtrip;
/echo {line} - Simply dispay the line without sending it to server;
/away, /back - Same as the away button.
Font and Color Codes:
You can create multi colored messages by using special codes. Typing these codes into the chat room will change the color and style of any text that follows them. The Following codes can be used.
`0 - Plain text no italics, non bold;
`1 - Bold text, no italics;
`2 - Italic text, non bold;
`3 - Bold text, Italic.
`a - Black;
`b - Red;
`c - Orange;
`d - Light Orange;
`e - Yellow;
`f - Light Green;
`g - Green;
`h - Dark Green;
`i - Light Gray;
`j - Purple;
`k - Pink;
`l - Light Pink;
`m - Cyan;
`n - Light Blue;
`o - Blue;
`p - Dark Blue.
(The ` character used in these codes is usually obtained by pressing the key underneath "ESC" and to the left of "1".)

For example, typing the following text into the chat room
`1`4Hello `fmy `3`bname `0`cis `3`gJ`do`kh`nn. `o`0How are you today?

will look like this:

The robots

The chat robots

There are 4 main robots (hereafter referred to as 'bots') in chat used for administrating the various rooms. Each of them is in charge of one specific room: Shikamaru uses his wisdom in Chaos, Neji leads Misc Chat, Hinata loves Anime Chat while Peroth is the RP Chat goddess. They all share one common goal, keep the rooms clean from trouble makers and as such they will inflict you the punishment you deserve each time you break one of the rules you agreed to follow before entering the chat.

To avoid being the victim of our trigger-happy bots you can do the following:
  • Follow the rules;
  • Don't try to go around the rules;
  • Type only in English or Japanese and use proper grammar. Failing to do so will irritate the bots, which leads to a frozen/insulted user and a lot of drama;
  • Don't be a geek/nerd. The bots will freeze you if you like math too much;
  • Don't insult the bots. Failing to do so will make them hate you, which hurts your chat experience until reset (each day at midnight EST time).
  • Don't SCREAM LIKE AN ANGRY MONKEY! Failing to do so will force the bots to freeze you. You can however type up to 12 characters before they freeze you for being a monkey.
  • Don't point out you are bored. The bots will try to entertain you with a round of the well-known russian roulette.
The bots are pretty easy-going themselves and like to talk in chat a lot and always up for pranks. You might find yourself insulted, shot at (the russian roulette) and what not without doing anything wrong. If this happens try to enjoy the prank yourself.

They are also useful for other things like playing games (like blackjack or the slot machines) or just chat. To interact with them you have to type their name followed by the command you want to use with the pattern: botname: command (example: Shikamaru: my money).

The commands you can use to interact with the bots are:
  • roll dice - rolls a single 6 sided dice
    This will return a single dice roll, between 1 and 6.
  • roll d20 - rolls a single dice, of the amount specified
    You can use this to roll up to a d999 dice. Basicaly same as above, but you can customize the value.
  • roll 3 d20 - rolls multiple dice of the amount specified
    Same as above, but you can roll up to 9 dice, and it will give you both, the individual rolls, and the total.
  • say something - bot says something
    Get a strange, usualy bizzare sentance from the bot, always involving animals.
  • gimme a quote - a random quotation/saying
    Get a quote, a saying, or a sig tagline type quote from the bot.
  • russian roulette - play a fun game
    The bot tries to shoot you. If the bullet is in the chamber, you will get frozen/kicked/banned. A dangerous, but a fun game.
  • fortune cookie - recieve a fortune
    Find out whats in store for you. As a bonus, a set of lucky numbers is also provided.
  • eight ball - get an answer
    Get a personal answer to your most troubling questions. The bot will consult a great oracle on your behalf, and tell you what to do.
  • warn level - find out what your warn level is
    Your warning level should be a number from 0 to 5, and will determine what happens to you next time you break rules. The lower the better.
  • last seen name - see if name was in chat today
    The bot will check today's and yesterdays records and tell you when your friend was in chat. You don't need to use the full name of the person either. 'last seen oron' will match a user by name of 'moron'.
  • time - current time and stardate
    Find out what time it is (in EST) and the stardate.
  • my money - find out how much you have
    Lets you know how much forum money (rupees) you have. This doesn't count the amount you have in the bank. To make more rupees, you need to post. Or get someone to use the next command down.
  • donate 100 user - give user some money
    Takes the amount you specify out of your pocket, and gives it to your friend. You both have to be in chat, and in the same room. It will not work if your friend is not a registered user. You may not donate to yourself. Trying to do so is a penalty of ten times the amount you tried to do it with.
  • blackjack - play blackjack
    A game of blackjack. You can make a bet, by starting the game saying 'blackjack 100' where 100 is how much you want to bet. You need to play blackjack in PC with the bot, unless you are betting 100 or more. This is done to make things easier for everyone, and keep constant games out of main. When you start a game, the bot creates a stack of cards for you, and deals it out. It is a simple game, which you should know the rules to. You may hit, or you may stand. a blackjack pays 2:1, other wins pay 1:1. Your money is taken out of your account at the start of the game. So if you leave without finishing it, you lose your bet.
  • slot payouts - see the winning combinations
    See the winning combinations for the slot machine.
  • slot machine 5 - bet 5 at the slot machine
    Play the slots. Right now you can only play the slots in PC, and 5 is your bet. Your bet can be anything from 1 to 5. If you win big, the bot will say it in main chat also, so everyone can marvel at your luck (or try to mug you).
  • lawyer joke - joke about lawyers
    Get a random joke about a random lawyer.
  • solve 2 + 2 - solve an equation
    Solves an equation. A lot of different math functions work.
  • buy ticket - get a ticket to go into misc chat
    You need to have bought a ticket to enter Misc Chat, or you get kicked out. To buy a ticket costs 50 rupees, and a ticket lasts until midnight. All bots sell this ticket, and you may leave chat without losing it.
  • ask george black or white - George decides for you
    Asks George which option he chose from the given ones. You can also ask more things with 'ask george black or white or red or green ...'.
  • time difference date - get to know how much time is left until date
    The bot will tell you how much time is left until the date/time you specified (in EST).

But we don't have only bots to keep you in line. We also feature a set of bots, whom you can have fun with, like Chii-chan. This bot is rarely in the chatroom but when it is, you can converse with it, like you would do with a human being. Yes, that's correct, it is that advanced. The most common bot in chat besides the well known AdminBots is Gir. It is programmed to give you information, rather than games. You can interact with it by using the following commands:

  • wiki Google - searches through the Wikipedia pages
    This will return the first paragraph of the page written about Google Inc. Be aware that pages which do not follow the chat rules will trigger the AdminBot and hit you.
  • google Wikipedia - searches through the Google search engine
    This will return the first result you would find, if you were to browse on and search for the term "Wikipedia".
  • fight user1 vs user2 - uses Google's googlefight feature to compare two entries
    It compares two entries based on the number of the search results in the Google search engine.
  • solve 2 + 3 - solve an equation or convert between currencies
    It can solve equations or convert between currencies depending of the input parameters.
  • weather - returns the weather of your location
    It reports to you the current weather forecast for your location. If you specify a location (ex. "weather New York" or "weather ZIP Code") it can tell you the current weather forecast for other locations, too.
  • define Wizard - defines things
    This will define the word "Wizard" for you.
  • ap One Piece - searches through the Animepedia pages
    It will return the first paragraph of the page written about "One Piece".
  • time - returns the time of your location
    Same as weather except it returns the time of your location. If you specify a location, it will return it's current time.
NOTE: The bot will be made ignore the abusing user if overused!

The staff

The staff members

Other than the bots, we use another line of defense, the staff members. These people are chatters with the duty to catch what the bots miss. They are there to support and help the chatting community by answering their questions, dealing with "per user" matters and creating a friendly environment.

These people can be recognized by the colors of their names in the chatterlist. Each color represents a specific admin level:
  • Site Administrators are red. They are the most powerful creatures on this chat and make the most important decisions. (Admin level 3);
  • Chat Administrators are blue. They are the right hand of the Site Admins and are in charge to keep the chat rooms clean from trouble makers. For any issues with any user, they are your friends. (Admin level 2);
  • Junior Chat Administrators are gold. They are trainees and need a Site Administrator to get their powers up. Generally you have to listen to them regardless, if they have their powers or not. (Admin level 1);
    NOTE: If a non-gold user claims to be a staff member and you are unsure either ask a Chat Admin / a Site Admin or check this page to confirm it.
  • Temporary Operators are also gold. These people are normal users and are not part of the staff team. They have been granted temporary administrator powers only because there are no staff members currently in the chat room. (Admin level 1)
Want to be part of the team?
What you need to do is:
What you shouldn't do is:
  • Constantly beg for it;
  • Threaten the site or it's owners in any way;
  • Be a suck up;
  • Convince another staff member to do the above for you.

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