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Conversation Between Zainox and ArcanineArco

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  1. Do you have a Growlithe? O_O
  2. Thank you but I completed the Kalos Pokedex so I have every Pokemon that you can currently get in X and Y, if you want any Pokemon for your team let me know .^_^.
    and I name my Pokemon now yes, I never used to but I started doing so in Black and White. Now I always have to give my Pokemon on my team nicknames xD
  3. I don't like the look of Chespin but Chesnaught looks epic! Do you have a Fennekin? I might be able to breed one for you later, since it's a lady Fennekin. :3
    Do you name your Pokemon. I have always been really picky and never really named any before, especially with the games as of late.
  4. Awesome! I love fire types too but I chose Chespin because I loved his design and I didn't like what Fennekin evolved into. Cool!
  5. I got Fennekin since I love fire types. I'm pretty sure I have always been fire starter since Pokemon Red. :P
    I also got a Bulbasaur from the professor since I managed to get a Charmander in a random trade. :3
  6. Cool , which starter did you pick? I have played it WAY TOO MUCH since release day haha xD
  7. Awesome! I added ya just now. I also have X though I only started today. :P
  8. Hey! .^_^.
    Yeah I have Pokemon X, my friend code is 2423-1817-4176
    I will add yours now
  9. Hey hey! o/
    I'm assuming by your name you have either Pokemon X or Y? If so, what's your friend code so I can add you? Mines in my sig. :3
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