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Conversation Between Zainox and Moira

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  1. Hehe, thankyee! >///<
  2. How very nice you are. Even after spotting me on a new forum. You are one cool dude.
  3. Romance
    Garden of Words
    True Tears
    Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun

    An anime that isn't romance but contains a whole lotta feels, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 T^T

    Berserk - I recommend the new movies, the ending to the old series was quite bad.
    Highschool Of The Dead - Though this is quite perverted, so if that's not your thing you will probably not like this.
  4. I like romance and gore. Mainly romance though.... I like feeling the feels....
  5. Thankyee for the add! Yeah, this forum is quieter than I would like as of lately.. :/
    Sure! What kind of genre do you prefer? Action, romance, mecha, fantasy, magical, gore?
  6. Hello friend. Good to see that there is a friendly face in this seemingly barren forum. Anyway, you said you might have some recommendations?
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