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Conversation Between Zainox and cutiepiefrost1

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  1. your welcome dude
  2. You bought me a gift, that is so awesome! Thankyou!
    It looks great, I love it! xD
  3. You finished it already. D: .... COOL!!! xD
    Heres a few more - Soul Eater, Ga Rei Zero, Darker Than Black.
  4. my pictures came out good thank god ive been bored this whole weekend i watched high school of the dead i loved it is there any other anime that i should watch???
  5. It actually didnt turn out too bad. But being in that weather sucked. xD
    I hate taking photo's, so akward.. And they usually turn out bad.. D:
  6. lol tht had to suck dude i feel bad for u XD
  7. Sooo close! xD
    I got my TAFE ID taken today, I was drenched because I got caught in bad weather on my way there. xD
  8. im 2012 hehe lol XD cant wait
  9. I mean are you year 12? Close to graduating? or are you year 11, 10 or something?
  10. im a senior which means im in high school i had to get my senior pictures done for yearbook and stuff
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