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Conversation Between Zainox and Kaitou+

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  1. Get Anime Studio for 2D Animation.
  2. I did not, but I do now.. You changed too much! xD
    Sorry, lol..
  3. You do realize I only changed my username, right?
  4. No, 4+ players (depending the amount) are wolves, you guys work together and kill a townie at NIGHT PHASE. Of course, you do that on vote discreetly, you sent in your votes via PM to the host.

    The on Day Phase, everyone votes on who to lynch, however, just don't vote for anyone, if you're a townie, you must try to pursue the votes to be on a wolf, but if you're wolf you have to try to sway it to someone else that is not you or a teammate.
  5. Sounds pretty cool. But just so I understand.. 1 person out of a possible 25 is picked to be a wolf. The wolf kills a player each day, along with a vote to guess who it is by everybody? So does that mean person with the most votes is 'lynched/kicked', or does it have to be unaminous?.. I havent played a forum game like this before, so im still a bit confused sorry. :S
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