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Conversation Between Zainox and Kaitou+

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  1. Good point!

    So does that mean they would get anime before most stream sites?
  2. It's a good way to support anime, tbh.
  3. That doesn't sound too fantastic. :P
    I usually watch anime in 720p.
    The store is cool though.
  4. It has a website which you can stream as a free users and only on 480p not to mention that you gotta wait a week to watch the newest episode.

    With a premium subscription you can watch it as soon as it comes out 1080p and use the apps (PS3, Xbox, iPad, Android, etc)
  5. Haven't used crunchyroll before. Is it a free stream site with an anime store? Becoming a member free?
    My list for games coming out is huge compared to my list of old ones to pick up and finish. I'm pumped for PS4!
  6. Yeah, I want to take advantage of my crunchyroll account a bit more.

    You have no idea how many games are already on my backlog. lmao
  7. Indeed it does!

    I have a habit of torrenting my anime. Mostly because I download it and give it out to my friends. :P
    I just finished Mirai Nikki. I was told about GJ Club From Yokko Litner, so I may check that out. My list of what I want to watch though is huge! @_@

    I actually have a crappy PC which is very tempremental when it comes to playing games. So I don't find myself on steam very often. If I did, I would probably jump on most sales. xD
  8. That's weird. You came back from your hiatus in 2011 yet we never talked? =O Well, feels good to break the ice.

    Trying not to look at the Steam Sales and watching some anime in Crunchyroll as wel, or trying to choose an anime from there
  9. xD

    Not much, just watching anime and stalking the forum. :P

    We haven't really talked much before it seems. O:
  10. Random talking

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